Killing of Americans

Why has the massacre of Americans in Mexico gone dark? Have we taken a knee for the cartels now?
Bad guys win again, it seems obvious that the anti-gunners, pro crime groups and sanctuary cities have paid for or setup this massacre. All the blood spilled is on their hands not the NRA. The DNC is the true terrorist group. I don’t put anything past them anymore!
They are responsible for every school shooting, every club shooting and every movie theater shooting, every house of worship shooting, in an effort to repeal the second amendment. Go ahead and prove me wrong.
This is as close to a 9/11 tragedy that has had no retribution.


I must agree with you Scott. As a little boy growing up in Chicago in the 1950’s and 1960’s the indoctrination was you have two choices you vote Democrat or you vote Democrat. Election Day your Ward Committee man and Block captain would physically come house to house round up people en masse drive or walk to your polling place to vote in the election. If you didn’t want to vote well you vote. I never knew Republicans existed until probably senior year high school. My father was a city worker and that means they hold your job over your head also, that means you purchase tickets for non-existent events. I really have great distain for them, not people but Democrat politicians. I get the people I do. Even in the 1968 Chicago DNC where the weather underground showed up, the “Chicago Seven” Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Dellenger, and the rest. They organized their “days of rage” against the war. They bought golf balls and spiked them with long construction nails. Threw Molotov cocktails into cars and more into police and firemen. Chicago was burning. Daley told the cops to bust heads, and do anything that they need to do but Chicago was seriously under seize. So yeah The New Democrat Party want to swing towards Socialism and Bernie and Cortez want Communism. They want everything you and I and everyone else has and like all good Democrats they are going to tax our hind ends off and keep us broke and dependent on THE STATE.


I’ve long wished we’d set the SEALs and Green Berets loose on the cartels. They are truly evil. The only real difference between the cartels and ISIS is that the cartels are Satanists (literally), not Muslim.

I have a friend who’s deployed to the border with the National Guard, and he says things are far, far worse there than what is being reported.

Not sure why it went dark. Could be the media wants to focus on other agenda it is pushing… like Trump impeachment, etc. or, the “bad guys with guns shooting good guys without guns” certainly doesn’t support the media’s anti 2A agenda either. They want Americans to feel safe and to believe the police and the government will protect us. No need for self defense options like guns. And then there is the immigration agenda. Illegal aliens are all good (no drug dealers or cartel types amongst them) and should be allowed into our country. Deemphasize bad-guys from Mexico because they complicate things.

The controlled press isn’t going to report the border as anything but an example of American hate toward children and families just wanting a better life.

The borders are where the military should be serving as a top priority. There is way more going on than just innocents pouring through. If we can attend to other countries borders, surly we can ours. We could possibly end up dealing with increased terrorist activities here on home soil if we keep ignoring our own security. Especially if the day ever comes that we fall into civil chaos.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” – Sun Tzu