'Key Bridge is gone': Ship strike destroys bridge, state of emergency declared

That’s a sobering report on the State of Maryland BEFORE this national disaster.


I accept that Scott, But lets go to the Video tape!
The one Sinbad first posted under the article ,
Bridge Aftermath, the actual collapse… AT NIGHT!
Does anyone SEE that puff of smoke (left side of picture) .4 seconds in?

Is it just me ?
The rest of the collapse happened—NO SMOKE!
sort of 9/11 how the Towers just Imploded and camp straight down and not topple over
That would have been 100’s of Thousands of casualties amirite?

It’s sort of ENGINEERED ain’t it?
Maybe somebody knew EXACTLY where to put a charge to weaken
a bridge and activate a collapse…the sudden structure loses it’s continuity and goes to the river. :thinking:

Yes, Tin Foil hat firmly in place. That puff bothers me.


IME tall narrow things like those buildings topple over from the bottom when their integrity is damaged/destroyed near the bottom or at the ground. When they are damaged higher up, as they were, they do what they did.

Right down to kid’s games…when I play Jenga, causing a fall at two or three floors from the top doesn’t make it topple over like a fallen tree…whereas cutting out the bottom of a tree or the bottom floor of the tower often causes a topple over.


I know most structures are not designed to handle worse case scenarios. In many cases it would likely be too expensive to do so. But it seems common sense to me to expect that a bridge over the entrance to a busy port is at least somewhat likely to be hit by a large ship at some time over its life span. Doesn’t seem that it would be too incredibly expensive to design and build concrete bumpers to deflect ships away from the piers and to make sections that can support themselves if other portions fail. I have seen some bridges with various bumper designs especially in places that are subject to ice and debris flows.


We’ll find out in the coming weeks (or not) but an “accident” that shuts down one of America’s busiest port for the foreseeable future smells funny to me.

It’s not paranoid if people are REALLY out to get you…


I’m told that is the diesel engine kicking back in when the boat’s power comes back on just like a semi taking off puts out a big puff of smoke.

But…I’m not an expert.


At the TOP of the structure? oh ok…
Coulda been da boat…

I’ll just go to my corner and sit quietly…
This is me being quiet


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We need to ban assault rifles so bridges don’t lose anymore……bridges! :roll_eyes:


I’m not from E. Palestine, OH, but I’m still furious the Bootajudge is right in front of the cameras HOURS after the incident. It took him a year to get to OH. How many more ways can they piss us off❓
WTF is he doing there? The optics of this are insane!

If this guys lips keep moving, we’re dead. Loose lips…
He just told every terrorist that there’s no bridge that could withstand a direct hit! Aid to the enemy. In this environment, you keep your mouth shut!


I’m guessing food shortages, and a run on toilet paper!


I saw a different video with some more information about the ship. Apparently it’s a single screw ship. As they regained power, and realized they were approaching the bridge, they dropped the port (left) anchor, and went full reverse. That’s the plume of black diesel smoke from the funnel.

Single screw boats and ships get something called prop walk in reverse, where the rotation of the propeller pulls the stern sideways under hard reverse. That seems to have happened in this case, just after the smoke plume you can see the stern lurch to port. They probably had dropped the port anchor in anticipation of this, but it wasn’t nearly enough to arrest the forward motion of the ship. Probably, had they not gone hard reverse, they would have stayed on course in the channel and cleared the bridge pilings, even without power or steerage.


Thought you were talking about Biden, my bad!


May want to hold off on the retraction, in three days we’ll find out it was Trumps fault and, WAIT FOR IT :exclamation:…and phuckin CLIMATE CHANGE :joy:
And just so we are totally INCLUSIVE, Putin must have had a hand in this!
I’m not putting it past them!
I can see the headlines,

Trump and Putin colluding to take out major shipping port!

Climate change resulted in rising tides culminating in bridge collapse!
What ship, there was no ship in that shipping lane!


Joseph488s picture up at #37 shows the technology that would protect bridges but would require the government to step up and require such systems to be installed which will not happen since this administration has a different plan which consists of HOPING something like this won’t happen.

Also, I don’t know what currents are active in the harbor but it appears to me that, at the “too late” moment, the ship swerved and squared up on the pier/bridge support.


Is it too soon?




AW, Shucks Sin, Thanks, Just tryin’ to keep the conversations Lively!

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That bridge was assaulted by a rural white extremist ship.:ferry: