'Key Bridge is gone': Ship strike destroys bridge, state of emergency declared

Some thoughts:

I can’t see how this was accidental. There is a lot of space under that bridge.

Is this another terrorist attack on US “soil” after the recent attack in Russia?

Seems like an infrastructure attack like we’ve been talking about. The only other way up the 95 corridor with certain cargo is the long way around “Charm City” because you can’t take certain stuff through the two tunnels. This will make Baltimore a mess for years to come (ok a bigger mess).

I was just on that bridge a few weeks ago.


Gotta be honest, I was quite skeptical of the old clickbait title RE: “Gone”

But…that bridge is gone. yikes


To be fair, cargo ships don’t turn on a dime.

But that ship hit that pier just about as straight on as possible!

Will be interesting to hear how this happened.


Live newscast this morning is stating the following.

  1. The boats are piloted in and out of the harbor not by the ships captain. So I think it’s unlikely it’s terrorist. I still don’t trust the info we get, but I back off my terrorist comments. But people where I work this morning are wondering about terrorists too.

  2. There was no distress signal sent out by the boat. So while the authorities hinted that perhaps there was an electrical failure, why no distress call? More questions than answers at this point, obviously.

  3. Two people have been recovered from the water. One refused treatment. The other went to a trauma center in Baltimore.

  4. There were construction workers on the bridge doing concrete road surface repair.

  5. In addition to the road traffic, the Baltimore Harbor is shut down indefinitely. Prices gonna go up here. A lot of stuff comes in by boat.


Yes, local pilots from the harbor in transit is typical.

I could see no distress signal if they are working on the problem first…I know in aviation the order of operations is Aviate - Navigate - Communicate (first, fly the plane…second, nav where you are flying it…third…communicate). In an emergency like that I could see having someone take the time to communicate not being a priority. After all, what the hell is anyone else going to do to stop the ship from hitting the bridge, by radio?

There are also the reports of all lights on the ship going out multiple times before it hits, could have interfered with all the things including comms power?

Stuff happens. Ships striking bridges is nothing new, at all…big and small ships on big and small bridges.


This bridge was almost 50 years old. Like most of the infrastructure in our country its age and likely insufficient maintenance could have been a significant contributing factor to the immediate and total collapse.

I would think the ship was moving very slowly at that point. The cement piers on this bridge looked a lot flimsier than many designs I have seen. Though the bridge did seem to take a direct hit so hard to say if it would have faired much better if it was newer and properly designed and maintained.

A reminder of how susceptible our country’s ancient infrastructure is to accidents, natural events and attacks. Fortunately it didn’t happen during rush hour!


The ship was having electrical and Mechanical issues just prior to striking the bridge if you know anything about the Patapsco River crossing, the shipping channel goes under the center of the bridge, If you watch the videos you will see the ship having the issues just prior to striking the bridge,


It seems like this event was likely a mechanical issue in this case. Though pilot error shouldn’t be ruled out. Wouldn’t be the first time a ship pilot or captain distracted from their duties or under the influence of some substance made a critical error.

On the terrorist theory front. Many of these ships are now computer controlled so I would think it wouldn’t be completely outside the realm of possibility for a virus to compromise or even control the ships steering. Much more likely that this was human, mechanical, or computer failure but all possibilities should be looked into.


Local news hinted at electrical issues on the ship being a possibility.

@Shamrock Agree on the aging infrastructure.

News sources say 31,000 people a day cross that bridge. Imagine what this would have looked like at Baltimore rush hour!


I wouldn’t rule anything out, but yea if it were terrorist, they likely would have struck at rush hour. Maximum damage with minimum effort.

Prayers for all affected.


This will probably end up being an electrical issue on the ship. At least we hope.

At the same time, this incident does raise the prospect of whether adversaries could exploit ship’s navigation systems or trip circuit breakers to pull off something like this and incrementally disrupt commerce and confidence (i.e., instill fear).



Haven’t watched it all, but here’s one guy’s take.


Call me cynical at this juncture of the state of our Country, but if it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk, it’s probably a skunk.


I immediately thought, deliberate :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Sounds like we need “common sense” ship control :exclamation:
We’re not going to be able to handle all the crises that are about to befall us. The acting during all their statements, in particular that DI@k Governor, ( seems to me he’s enjoying his 15 minutes of fame ) are OSCAR worthy! They are democrats, they love death! They are bathing in the blood of their victims!
If it ain’t airplanes, it’s ships.
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In addition OUR NAVY SEALS should never be involved in saving DEMOCRATS!


So, a an entire major U.S. port is shut down for who knows how long from a single incident. That’s efficient.
Makes me wonder what has been stuck WITHIN the port as a result.


How is there no tech on the bridge or the boat to keep this from happening? Is this really how low end our infrastructure is? Sheesh.


In the 21st century :man_facepalming:t4:


That tech (guarantees a ship doesn’t hit stuff, no matter what, even with mechanical failures) is probably easier said than done.

We can’t even keep cars from hitting things constantly and they can stop in a matter of feet.