Kenosha shooting

New update. Gotta love the new Biden Target on his shirt. :joy:


I really think USCCA missed a golden opportunity here. @Dawn @MikeBKY. I hope that for the most part USCCA is a gold mine operation. Millions of goodie two shoes gun owners paying their dues just in case, and seldom a claim coming in. I doubt reckless gun owners have the inclination or foresight to seek training and legal protection.

USCCA should have taken on Rittenhouse pro bono. Referred him to your best council, and benefited from the exposure and word of mouth when he gets acquitted. Rittenhouse made a mistake, but he was within his right and the law to defend himself.

I’m going to go research now which CCW defense networks have had high-profile successful legal defenses. It’s one thing to talk about protection and have a good plan (and USCCA does). It’s another level entirely to have a track record of publicly visible victories. That’s the thing that will make a DA just drop a case. If they know USCCA’s played a part in dozens of legal victories the DA won’t want to even risk their record getting tarnished.

When my USCCA membership comes up for renewal this year, my findings will absolutely guide who I go with from the handful or so of companies in this market.

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Just to be clear, I am speaking from my own experience and do not speak for USCCA. I am a private attorney and do not work for USCCA. I would only be compensated by USCCA or their insurer if I were retained by a USCCA member to represent them following an “occurrence” as defined in the Self Defense Liability Policy.
"Occurrence" means the use of a “legally possessed” firearm or other “legally possessed” weapon in an “act of self-defense” by the insured.

I understand your sentiment, however, there are other issues that also need to be considered.
USCCA’s insurance is underwritten by Universal Fire & Casualty Insurance Company. It is an actual insurance policy so they would be the one funding this, assuming they were agreeable to do so.
But, assuming the attorneys were to actually take the case pro bono (without pay), you are talking about a case that will easily surpass $250,000 in attorney fees. It is hard to find attorney’s who are willing to put that kind of time in at no charge. Then there are case expenses. I would guess that this case will have about as much in case expenses as attorney fees, especially with attorney travel from Chicago and LA to Kenosha.

I have seen personal injury attorneys advertise their wins but cannot say I have seen the same from the criminal defense bar. I do not know an attorney who has not lost a case he believes he should have won or won one he should have lost. That’s the beauty and the beast of our judicial system. And the attorney’s who are advertising their big wins have a lot of losses that are not advertised.

Frankly, I have never seen an insurance company advertise their wins or losses. And contrary to what may pop on TV, prosecutors don’t shake in their boots because one attorney or another is defending the case. It might make good TV but is not real world.

If you are able to find any thing that points to one of the companies having high profile wins, please share the info. But before you stop your research, ask how many cases resulted in losses and in plea agreements.


Totally just heard on WBBN News Radio that Kyle used an “automatic” weapon. They must have some really stupid reporters who know less about guns than they do about how to host a good radio station. It works well if you just need noise to keep you up.


Any stupid reporter is a genius compared to AOC. “If he were a Muslim in a different context” - must mean she likens Kenosha riot to Bataclan rock concert massacred by AK-wielding terrorists.
I dont remember much outrage from Hollywood about all the looters systematically bailed out with Kamala Harris’ support. Hypocrites LOL, they think everyone already forgot.


AOC and Kamala are a fund raising gift to the Republican Party. I hope they both have a great career in Politics especially in the Democrat/Marxist Party. It is clear the Democrat Party has been mugged, beaten, molested and raped by the insurgent Marxists disguised as Democrats. Their message of central planning, large government and community over the individual is evident. Keep talking ladies, fill those Republican Coffers. :+1:


This is all so disheartening. History makes it clear what’s so wrong with these ideas, and how cultivating the special interests, and extremes, into one large voting block, gets you beholding to so many ideas that you can only become extreme your self, or utterly incohearant. Rather than standing on principals you have to cater to all your diverse groups. Biden’s garbled speech is almost a blessing to them when, if he was clear and concise, he would surly anger or disappoint one group or another.

There is a recurring historical theme to be remembered here where self defense comes to be treated as a sin under certain kinds of rule. And those are generally the kinds of rule this country was established to avoid. But I guess we all know that.

" You can’t fight evil if you don’t believe evil exists"


I think at this point it should be clear that Democrats have more money than Republicans. So for every dollar that they might encourage being donated to the RNC is probably double that being donated to the DNC. And “The Squad” brings in a lot of money to the DNC…

Bloomberg alone spent over a billion on his own failed presidential bid (which also helped down-ballot Dems), and he’s spent over $100M in Florida leading up to the election, not sure how many millions he put into Texas, Ohio, etc and that’s not counting what his PACs like Everytown For Gun Safety which also dumped millions into elections across the country.

Source: CNBC.

Democrats have nearly doubled the spending by Republican candidates up and down the ballot. Democratic contenders are going into the final week of the election spending $6.9 billion while Republicans have put in $3.8 billion into the 2020 fight.

  • “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”* ~ Plato

  • ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’* ~ Edmund Burke

Excellent and very true.


Maybe they should sue themselves for their Defund 'em activities…


Watch the city fathers hide behind the back of the kid.

I wonder, who should the owners of the dealership that was peacefully burned down sue?


It was either Portland or Seattle (which one had the CHAZ/CHOP?) the businesses in that area sued the city (mayor, council, police). Not sure if it went anywhere though…


This may entice the city to jump in bed with Rittenhouse’s claim of self defense. If he was defending himself, as many of us believe, then the claimant’s are the cause of their own injuries.
I can see them arguing that the city should have prohibited their protests to keep them safe.


Are you saying, they should argue that city should have suppressed their own 1A rights? Like, “you knew what we were, when you saw the black bloc uniforms”.

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I’m assuming @MikeBKY meant the city should have been protecting the businesses from being burned down by rioters. The protests weren’t really protests, and they should have been shut down. I’m for freedom of speech, but when your protest leads to burning car lots because it’s fun and the vehicles have fuel that make bigger fires,
Your not really exercising your freedom of speech.

When the city chooses to not protect its people and businesses, you get Rittenhouse. Just a young dumb kid (just speaking young and dumb in general as most teenagers are, not a personal attack) doing what our government is their to do :man_shrugging:t2:.

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I think he was saying that the rioters would sue the city for not keeping THEM safe. They are just evil enough to do something so vile.

@MikeBKY will square me away if I am mistaken.


Oh, I get you sir. My bad.

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I am not saying the city should have prohibited their first amendment rights but them saying, had the city prevented their protests (hence, violating their rights) none of this would have happened. Let’s face it, it is a no win situation for the city no matter what they do.
And yes, @Scoutbob, the cities should have protected individuals and businesses against the the illegal acts committed by the “mostly peaceful” protesters but my point was speculating on the absurdity of the expectations of the mob mentality.
@Virgil_H has it right too with an expectation that the city should be protecting not only the lawful but unlawful activities of the protestors.