Kenosha shooting

The leftist bail project bails out criminals, child molesters, domestic abusers… who in some cases have gotten out and killed their spouse or significant other, committed additional violent crimes… BUT… they will not help a good citizen who used self defense against the leftist terrorists.

He will most likely sit in jail… and so far… I do not know for sure but have not heard it stated, he has not been put in solitary like they did to Flynn.


@Michael554 Kyle is being held in Vernon Hills IL. Juvenile Facility. His Cash Only Bond is 2. Million. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
He is fighting extradition and got it waived for 30 days for his legal team building his case. :four_leaf_clover:


What I would like to know is if the third guy he shot and wounded, can’t remember his name, was a convicted felon then why was he released from the hospital and not arrested? I thought if a convicted felon was caught with a firearm of any type they get an automatic 5 years. If this has changed I appreciate someone letting me know.


My understanding is that the 3rd guy was not a prohibited person. I’m a bit fuzzy on the details, but either the charges he had were not felonies, or he had his rights restored, or it happened as a minor or somesuch. The few bits of news I’ve read where he was interviewed he is adamant that he is not a prohibited person and says he is 100% allowed to possess and use a firearm.

Take all of that with a grain of salt but coupled with his not being charged and Rittenhouse’s lawyers have not said much on the subject I suspect it’s true.


He was a ‘peaceful’ protester…

and, of course, the Democrats just love those ‘peaceful’ protesters.




Good for Kyle. The article is sooooo slanted, though.


And more good news for Kyle. :crossed_fingers: A good break down and comments from Attorneys.
Update: There is a link to an article pinned by G&G to a link to TTAG at the top of the comments.


I think it it’s a good breakdown of the events and, definitely believe Rittenhouse was acting in self defense. Earlier video showed the person shooting in to the air moments before Rittenhouse turned and shot Rosenbaum as Rosenbaum chased after him. The other two shot were also attacking Rittenhouse leading to them being shot.

The new news that Ziminski was firing a warning shot and has been arrested doesn’t hurt Rittenhouse’s defense but I cannot say that it helps it in any significant way since knowing who fired the shot or that they were arrested does anything to change Rittenhouse’s state of mind.


A “reasonable” conclusion…as well as the best outcome, “should” be that Rittenhouse was acting totally in self defense! The kid had a mob chasing him!!!

I equally hope he realizes his better resolve would have been to stay in Illinois and let Wisconsin handle it’s own problems!!!


I must point out… Rittenhouse was in Kenosha working. He had a job in town and after work stayed to help clean graffiti off of the high school.

Far too many seem to think Rittenhouse chose to go into the jaws of the lion just to become entangled with the violence, and seem unaware that he was there for his employment.


My understanding is that Rittenhouse left Illinois for Kenosha to help with defending property and to help with first aid. He arrived in Kenosha August 25th from Antioch, Illinois.

I know in today’s media its hard to piece together a true story but that is the understanding I have.


It is true, some of the media … MUCH… of the media is misleading, and intentionally so.

The story, as it goes, is Rittenhouse is a lifeguard at the pool. He works in Kenosha.

Yes, he chose to remain in town, but he did not go there specifically to become involved…or at least, he had a valid reason, employment, to be there, if he planned to remain after work and knew it, that is still within his rights.


He was a convicted felon. Just no one choosing to prosecute him


I take it all with a grain of salt, but here is another source saying he isn’t a felon with a firearm. The link provided seems like what he got caught for is a misdemeanor. I think he was charged with felonies (burglary?) but was not convicted or plead down to lesser crimes.

It’s been reported that Grosskreutz had previously been convicted of a felony. That was apparently incorrect. He was, however, convicted of possession of a firearm while intoxicated in 2017 and has not yet been charged with any crimes as a result of what happened in Kenosha.

Unrelated, I saw someone on Reddit refer to him as “bye-ceps” and I’m still chuckling days later.