Keeping your kids safe in a crowd

You’ve finally gotten 2 tickets to your favorite football team’s home game. You’ve always promised your 9-year-old daughter that you’d take her if you got tickets. She’s as excited to go to the game as you are!

The stands are packed with thousands of other fans there to enjoy the game as well. The game is close, your team has the ball and is on the 10-yard line, and tensions are running high. Then the dreaded thing you were praying wouldn’t happen, happens. “Daddy, I have to go to the bathroom.”

The closest women’s bathroom is at the bottom of the ramp to your section. She’s been to the bathroom at restaurants by herself without issues dozens of times. Your team is so close to scoring…

You can’t go into the women’s bathroom with her. Can she go into the men’s bathroom with you?

What do you do?

  • Send her to the bathroom alone, everyone else is engrossed in the game
  • Have her hold it until they score
  • Take her to the women’s room and stand right outside the door, there’s a TV there showing the game anyway
  • Take her to the men’s room, cover her eyes until she’s in a stall, then cover her eyes as she washes her hands and you’re out the men’s room door
  • Ask the ticket checker where the closest family bathroom is and listen to the game on your phone as you run to that bathroom
  • Remind her about your agreement she doesn’t go anywhere with anyone she doesn’t know without the codeword and stand far enough away from the women’s bathroom doors that you can see all entrances and exits - you’re recording the game at home so you can always watch the play later

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How old is old enough to talk to your kids about safety in public? What tips do you give other parents about how to approach the subject?


I think it begins young with age-appropriate topics. How young is “young?” It all depends on your child. You have to make that call.


It is all about priorities, and your children should be number one priority.


I have grandkids and would give my life for them. I would guard and care for them with every ounce of strength that I have. If we happened to go to the concession stand I would hold their hand. I can record the game and watch it on TV Later. Children and grandchildren are your priority.


Thx God me and my Family are not a football fans, so problem solved. :sunglasses:

But seriously, no game is so important to make it higher priority over my kids.
I’ve got 2 boys so never had bathroom choice problem - we always gone there together.
These days it may be ever easier. More genders make no problem. I’ve already visited :womens: bathrooms several times without single issue. You go in, do whatever has to be done, go out - simple like that.


A few things, I don’t like, watch or go to football games, but I get the point.

We had 3 girls, by 4th grade, that’s about 9 years old in this scenario, I would not take them into the mens room anymore. I’d stand outside the women’s room usually with the other dad’s and grandad’s.

On occasion when it would take to long, I’d ask some mom with her own kids in tow to see if she was ok.

Good ole days.


Women’s lav one door in, one door out. Pay attention.


It’s only a game. I bring my family to the games for the memories we’ll never soon forget.

How soon do we talk about safety?
When they’re old enough to ask some mildly serious life questions.


I’m not allowing any of my kids, daughters or sons, to go alone in a packed stadium. I like the excitement of the game but I Love my kids and grandbabies. I’m going with her finding a family restroom or, and I’ve done this, go into the back hallways and find the employees RR’s.


Not a circus…err sports fan, but I get the drift.

Alternative answer: open the ladies room door and ask if anyone is in there, loudly. No answer, we’re going in and I’m standing by the door until my daughter is done.

That being said…


I would walk her to the ladies room, ensure that her cellphone was with her and hand her this. I would remain outside of the restroom until she came out. I don’t care about the score of a game. My daughter is more important.

I recommend these to my clients in my classes. My wife carries hers. We’ve tested all the features and it works.

Stay safe out there.


Your so right on this, Our children, grand children is most important. I don’t care about anything we are doing, the most important is the children. And far as that goes I’m the protector of my wife & family. And nothing in this world will stop me. I’m called to protect them in a world that is dangerous.