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I remember my first time on the range. If you had access to my internal monologue, it would have gone something like this:

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This is a good article from the perspective of a (new) shooter.

On the flip side…

Being an RSO for a group is extremely stressful!!! We have to watch every firearm, every shooter who turns one way or the other. Is gun in hand, is the firearm slide locked when they turn, are they loading mags only or are they loading mags and making ready back at the loading table, do they return from the fiddle table with the firearm in the ready state??? When they have a malfunction or are inserting a new mag, are they flagging fellow shooters? Are they shooting the right targets, are they shooting OVER the berm? “Did I just hear a squib?” Are they really looking right down the barrel!!!

The next time you see and RSO smile and thank them, or better yet give them a gift card to Chick-filet.

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so true! and you only gave a few examples. head on a swivel, baby!

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It’s been about ten years since I first became involved in firearms after escaping from New York to Arizona. This article reminded me of how little I knew and how naive I was when I visited a range for the first time. It also reminded me of how intimidated I was by firearms in general, from loading the magazines (I put the cartridges in backward . . . and I called them bullets) to the volume of the shot and the recoil of the pistol.

Infinite thanks to the USCCA for (1) existing, and (2) providing the vast amount of useful, necessary, and incredibly valuable information is all aspects of the firearms universe.

The work you do is priceless.

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