Kansas City shooting 1/2020 - 2 dead including gunman, 15 wounded

Murderer got tired of waiting and shot up the line waiting to get into a bar. Security guard shot and killed him.


Thank God for the good guy with a firearm being there!!


Where most people will be unarmed because of alcohol being there. :frowning: I guess it’s better he tried to shoot up outside where someone had a firearm… Thank God for the security guard!


I live here in KC MO and that bar is known to have problems, the city has it on the list of problem bars and won’t last much longer. That’s usually the sign its a bad spot when they have a security guard other than regular bouncers. On a side note I also live next to a “entertainment district” or cluster of bars and we have lots of shootings that happen outside the bars, I’ve been woke up by an AK-47 in the middle of the night and that is a sound I remember from Iraq.