Kahr/Magnum Reserch Baby Eagle III

Any comments here? These 3rd generation pistols are now made by BUL Armory in Israel, with slimmer frames in steel and poly, and better grips with better fit and finish than the earlier IWI versions. My full-size, all-steel Gen II in .40 was a reliable shooter out-of-the-box, and I ran 200 rounds of Winchester 180-grain hardball through it with all 3 mags without a hitch. Federal and Speer 180-grain self-defense rounds were no problem, either.


Congrats then. Baby Desert Eagle is one of the finest pistols. I’ve never personally shot them but I’ve been following this pistol for a long time being CZ75 fun.
Israeli firearms always fascinated me and “Baby Eagle”… actually “Jericho 941” got a quite great history.
Anyway, I’ve never had any issue with CZ75 pistols and wouldn’t expect anything bad from Baby Eagle.
I’m glad they came with option with different frames, which may bring more interest to this handgun.

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