Justified or not Justified

People are sharing this and going off welcome to America, where your kids get shot during a road rage incident.


But in my opinion, Hale was trying to run Allison off the road, and he got so aggressive to the point he’s throwing things at Allison’s vehicle.

Allison’s vehicle weighs between 2,000 and 6,000 pounds, if Allison were to crash, that would be 6,000 pounds of metal tearing apart, and flying at 70 mph injuring everybody around them, and themselves in the vehicle.

There’s really no right or wrong answers in these type of situations, he did what he seen fit.

I call it self defense, what do you call it?

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I only read about the first paragraph.

Conclusion: Everybody was wrong and everybody screwed up big time. Especially the initiator, Hale. But, everybody goofed.

Put this squarely into the “here are examples of what not to do” column

Based on the little I read, no, I don’t call it self defense. If someone pulls up alongside you and tells you to pull over, for one, roll your windows up or don’t roll your windows down…the window shouldn’t be down exposing your 5 year old daughter.

And, even if a person throws a water bottle that hits your child in the car…roll the windows up and use your car to escape the situation. Pedal on the right, pedal on the left, steering wheel, whatever…firing into the other car is not the answer (doing so and hitting the child in the car kind of explains why)

Don’t do that.


I call it stupidity.
Even throwing the bottle onto driving vehicle is considered a deadly force, using a handgun is a stupid idea… Just my opinion.
Having a child on board you shouldn’t act this way. Good father does everything to protect the child. Converting road rage into gunfight has nothing to do with protection.

Was it legal? Yes. Was it smart? No.
Who lost the most? Child with collapsed lung. :neutral_face:


I was in a situation a few years ago. I inadvertently cut off another driver on the interstate. It was absolutely my mistake.

The other driver became irate. I’m guessing more out of fear of what could have happened than anything. He pulled up alongside me and started yelling and making obscene gestures. I mouth ed out the window I’m sorry and gently tapped my brakes letting him go around me quickly.

If letting him blow off some steam rather than challenging him got us both past my bone headed stunt without further incident it was a successful encounter.

Just because I was gunned up didn’t mean I needed to let my testosterone get the best of me.


Your response was perfect even if it was 100% the other driver’s fault. There is no good reason to escalate a road rage situation just to protect our egos. Especially if we are carrying and/or have kids in the car. There is just too much risk and no reward.


Hale was likely the at fault instigator. He made many bad and illegal decisions resulting in his child getting shot. Then instead of taking care of his own injured child he wasted precious time to get in position to shoot another innocent child.

But what Allison saw to be a “fit” and proper response not only resulted in him shooting an innocent 5 year old child but also resulted in getting his own child shot. I can’t imagine a much more wrong answer than that.

Call 911, evade and escape.


No matter how you look at it, this is fully on the Brandon administration! He destroyed a peaceful nation. I can feel the tension in the air, even when going for the mail. This would not be happening if Trump were in office. Nothing going on geopolitically would be happening!
Sure there would be tensions but not at this level.

The anxiety levels are through the roof!
Maintain your cool and try to deescalate, however it’s not possible to deescalate a highly volatile democrat environment!
Me, I avoid people as much as possible!

Just a bump of grocery carts can cause a mass shooting! Manners are out the window! Excuse me, pardon me, may I, thank you or please! I haven’t heard these words in a long time!


I can’t speak to your neck of the woods but when I mostly lived in New England I felt the tension starting to drift up again in the late 90s taking a noticeable jump up a little before and after 9/11. It took another jump up during the 2006-2008 financial crises. Since then I’ve moved to the Southwest and feel the tension here has been on a steady rise though taking noticeable jumps with the BLM and Covid movements.

As someone who used to study population dynamics in various wildlife species I am seeing a lot of similarities with what is happening to the human species today. When populations increase and resource availability declines you often get a significant rise in aberrant behavior as more and more individuals compete for ever smaller shares of the shrinking pie.

Nature almost always solves this problem through dramatic collapses in population which allows the natural resources they rely on time to recover. It does this through disease and starvation as well as the aberrant behaviors within the population. One could argue that all the aberrant behavior is actually a natural response designed to help bring the system back into balance.

Unfortunately in the age of technology it may be a little too easy for that aberrant behavior to push the scales way too far in the opposite direction. Which could end up risking the survival of our entire species.


I agree with most of your points, but would argue that this is neither a Democrat or Republican problem. Both sides are to blame.
We seem to have lost our ability to be civil and respectful to others. Congress is just a microcosm of what is going on in the country at large.
This incident is just another example of how our failure to have some level of civility has resulted in a totally unnecessary firefight. Both sides are to blame. As someone who legally carries a firearm, you cannot be escalating or provoking a fight, or your justification for self defense is not going to hold up.


We are so far removed from civility, that provocation is not even the issue! We have ceased being human. I’m not human anymore, I’m a watchdog, 24/7/365. I’m told more times than I can count, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID.

One doesn’t need to provoke a rabid dog! It will strike at a moment’s notice. When the creature has you by the throat is no time to ask pretty please! We’re dealing with the laws of the jungle. We see it every day. People are running, literally, scared to death from cities that were once jewels of this nation.
Democrats don’t need to be provoked, they release murderers, rapists all sorts of sick demented fiends on the general population and force your children to obey and become one of them, by force or mutilation. They continue to send out mass shooters and killers in all forms!
So I have to ask, who is being provoked?

When calling someone sir or ma’am, miss or gentleman or my display of nationalism turns an human into a wild vicious animal, like a werewolf before my eyes, self preservation requires that that animal be put down!

If there is a magic “bullet” ( no pun intended ) in which you can talk down an active killer, maybe the world should beware of it! That’s only in the movies. What’s worse, is first, there is no cavalry, no Superman, no heroes coming over the hill or around the corner, in the nick of time to save us. And secondly, regrettably there’s no where to run. America was the last jewel!

A half wit, a jabberwocky and a few bucks, crushed it. It is unrecognizable. We left a pile of crap for our grandchildren.
It’s been said, evil triumphs when good men do nothing!
How stupid can the illegals be? They ran from one socialist nation to a brand new one!

How did we provoke the cartels to dispense fentanyl, killing all their clients? If you ask me, bad business model! At least it’s not a drug problem! The client dies after the first dose! Furthermore, if this is intentional on any bodies part, we are dumber than we look!

Provoked? Concerned parents on no fly zones and labeled as terrorists, only Hitler could have done it better! If it were up to me, I’d present Brandon with the order of Lenin!

This is the microcosm. We are not talking our way out of this! Provocation is not an issue. The swamp is. We have no leader, and we can stop calling him president, for he and he alone has put the office of the president to shame! He brought unforgivable shame to the United States! That can’t be fixed. There is one way, but it’s going to hurt!

Feral animals need to be put down!


P.S. the fight came to us. Billy Joel said it best…”We didn’t start the fire”


I’m justified stupidity times two sad and illresopnseble GROW UP BEFORE YOU GET YOUR CHILDREN KILL STUPID Bobby Jean :owl::feather::feather::chile::broken_heart:🫶🏼:see_no_evil: