Justice System Has Failed Us. A Criminal Might Be Freed Again

Me and someone very close to me has been living in a nightmare reality, and I have no idea what to do or where to turn to. I hope that someone in this community has some tips or could point me in the right direction.

I am a new firearm owner and USCCA member because there’s a lot of bad people who know about this woman close to me with a pretend name of Jen. Not long ago Jen was sexually assaulted in her home by two guys. One of which was captured shortly after, the second guy got away and came back to assault her again before he was finally caught too. I personally kept in-touch with a cop via text the entire time who was watching over her case and updating me about anything that happens.

So both guys were supposed to be charged for rape at the very least. At the beginning of this pandemic, I got word from the cop that the 2nd guy had a lawyer that was trying to get him off those charges. Somehow some way this man went from getting a long sentence, to getting a reduced sentence, to proposed house arrest, to being free of any charges as if nothing happened. Apparently he had a really good lawyer and Covid-19 was a great excuse. It all sounds like BS but this is what happened.

After this guy was exonerated from everything and released, I kept in-touch with the cop who tracked his location everywhere he went and alerted me if he got close to us. He stalked Jen and our houses very often, and occasionally confronting her and saying awful things. Later on we find out this is the same man that killed her family member years ago, and apparently the only way to get him locked up again on any serious charge including a past murder was to set-up this criminal and use Jen as bait. Basically she either had to be beaten or sexually assaulted by him again to arrest him so this time he can be put away for a long time.

For some reason, we had no choice but to go through with this plan if he were to be put away again. Now Jen is even more traumatized and he is being charged for rape (again), a past murder, and is supposed to be getting life. His same lawyer is trying really hard to get him released again. We don’t know what’s going to happen but he is very aggressive about protecting his client and it almost seems arrest is not going to keep him away. He has cheated the system once and now our lives seem perpetually at risk.

Jen is not emotionally stable enough to be around firearms nor protect herself in any way. How do I prepare for such a worst-case scenario? I am not always with her and the criminal is very clever but seems less interested with me. Jen is his main target. He knows where we live and it also seems he’s immune to the law thanks to his lawyer who’s just as evil as he is. None of this seems real but it is and I would appreciate any help I can get.

Apparently it’s unlikely but if he’s released from his charges once again there’s a very real chance he could kill her.

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I heard they were about to let a serial killer go in Washington state.

But it was a 5-4 vote and by 1 he did not.

Can anyone change a percentage of what has gone wrong in the world today, can an hair on someones head be restored to it’s former glory, or can you change our Government to operate as a puppet in our favor, to give us everything we ask for or think of ???

Do what you can do the right way, stay strong, and stay clear of the BS that can hurt you or anyone.

You can make a difference in this life of yours, but the enemy seeks to kill, steal, and destroy.


Amen! I agree with my brother @William_H on this one!


I really don’t know what to say, but that is a sad story. There are more of these same stories, same incidents, in many places. Protecting ourselves and training, being vigilant and not operating in code white.


Sounds horrific for your friend Jen. Any chance she can relocate and move asap? If she is unable is she able to at least stay with others in a location the scumbag is not aware of? Also is Jen legally armed for her own protection? And of course, what advice does the local law enforcement provide for her situation?

As for criminals being released more, this is unfortunately happening in Commie-fornia right now. Newscum released seven convicted sexual offenders and some already relapsed in less than five days. Newscum and other extreme Leftists are hellbent on destroying America by using Covid as an excuse to release convicted criminals. To worsen matters, Newscum plans to shot down at least four prisons and multiple juvenile detention centers state-wise. My point is what is happening to your friend Jen and the apparent lax criminal prosecution and liberal release of convicts does not bode well for the general law abiding population. Hang in there know you are not alone, many of us share your concerns.