Just stand there and watch it all happen?

In one generation it is in 20 to 25 years. Baby boomers, generation X, Generation Z. Generation XYXZ and on and on! Some mind to remember that in the 50’s Rock and Roll was going to be the end of all things good. Then along came the Hippies with free loving, and each generation sees a drop in the standards of living and reasoning. I remember when we would have our shotguns setting in the rear window of the truck, at school! Violence was still prevalent with gang fighting, drugs, drinking. So, I have to ask," How fast are we really going down the rabbit hole?"

I am thinking 2054 all will be totally lost! I find myself to be a realist and not a pessimist because the glass is only half empty if you are drinking it and half full if you are pouring it. It is all the action being taken. If you look at history and see what cycles there are, you can see how things have happened over and over. You can see how the World Wars started gradually and then broke all out. You can see what the reasonings for each country doing what they did. Things are looking very similar now. If you look at the roaring 20’s with all the gangsters, outlaws and you look at the economy there really is not much difference then now except people have learned of ways to bandage up some of the problems with food banks and government assistance. So now we do not have soup lines, but we still have a lot of homeless people.

If you pound hard on any item long enough it will either break or become even harder. A diamond is made by applying massive pressure but the lump that was used to make the diamond was much larger in the beginning of it being made.

Is there hope? Is there a chance? Or am I just getting old? You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink.

Rant Over! :woozy_face: :hushed: :worried: :partying_face: :pleading_face:


Eh … I think you’re too old @Todd30

Let’s do some shooting.

My point is that there not much you or me can do about it, so let’s enjoy current life and try to be as much happy as we can.





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I look around, watch what the younger folks are doing, how they are acting and what occurs to me is They Are Lazy. Cell phone call to Uber to the front door of the club. Work from home on a computer, electronic deposit their pay, bank on line, no reason to go to the bank anymore. Get on the app, fill out the list and groceries show up at the door, no need to go the the grocery store. License your car, renew your license all on line. Ballot shows up in the mail, drop it in the out mail box. Car breaks down, call someone to come and get it fix it and bring it back. Never go anywhere, never interact with Joe Public. They don’t have to walk to school up hill both ways in the snow, so to speak. That makes for a soft uncaring society. A society that learns on their favorite Web Site from people with similar interests, no need for conversation, expanded thought. It sure is different these days, I’m not so sure it’s ALL Bad but I am sure it’s not ALL Good.


I guess the Chinese will just have to beat some sense into them, can’t have soft slaves!


While I agree, I am not going to worry about it to the point of paralysis. Chances are that I probably won’t live to see 2054 anyway. My response is to clean my weapons, smoke my daily cigar, with my daily bourbon, and just enjoy my life.


Letsee Brother’s,
In 2053 (31 years from now) I would be (94)…
I will be cosmic particles by then
I will be dust on somebodies windshield!
We ARE going to straighten this situation out
by NEXT YEAR! This current crop of Satanic Worshiper/Child
Trafficker’s in office will be brought to Justice with SEVERE Consequences.

Mark my words here. This will end soon and we can all get on with the business of LIVING!
These criminals are on borrowed time and their last gasp is now.
#45 will soon be #47 once again and we will remember the USURPERS names!

adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


The scary part is who will be #50 and #60
Taylor Swift or AOC?


In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen :scream:


That outta my hands Brother, My Crystal ball
only see’s so far and the Orange man hasn’t
exactly been forthcoming in returning my phone calls