Just saying

I apologize if I was abrasive.

I’d just rather places I pay money to use the money for the service I’m paying for. If there’s money left over for handing out promotional items then they are charging too much is how I see it.

Looks like you are in TN also. What part of the state are you in?


And if you’re one of only a few customers, do you think that they will still be there next week waiting for you unless they can get more customers? How do you suppose that they do that…and for free?

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It’s free and I got lucky because I do not check the sites much not enter the daily gun giveaway.

By keeping their word and providing a valuable service.

I’ve got some imported hats with logos and A drawer full of drink coozies. Do you think I can get someone to come cut my lawn the rest of the summer if I give them away?


Heck, last time I signed up for the NRA I got 15 republican senators that received $43 million dollars to infringe upon my 2A rights further. Not sure that was a gift (not.) It would be nice to get a gift, but what will that do to pricing and service? I feel I get more from the USCCA than the NRA at this point.


I think there’s promotional give aways an some are part of advertising, other companies donate to that purpose of freebies so it promotes products. Its like going to a bakery or a deli an they give free samples to promote what they are selling. An being there tomorrow I am confident that USCCA will be there tomorrow, next week, a month from now, years down the road they will be here for us doing their best to deliver their promise of we have your back. An for that i thank them an Hopefully God will bless them an all of us.