Just Pay the Killers to not Kill

Who’d of thought up that…problem solved.

We similarly feed rabid dogs so they will not bite. /sarc

How crazy are we becoming, if you pay the killers not to kill, they will ask for a daily raise to keep them from killing again, then of course they could still kill as they had previously until they get caught, seriously why would anyone even think this stuff up?

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Phew…that was easy! Whose money are they going to use. And how much do they not kill for how much $?

We share the planet with these people, folks…


That is what the Romans did with the tribes at their borders. It worked well for them. I don’t recall them being overrun by those tribes… oh, wait… :upside_down_face:

Let’s just call it extorsion, because it is.

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Probably just need to paint a few more signs. “He has already taken other steps in an effort to curb violence in the streets of Baltimore. As of 2019, he painted nearly 200 “No Shoot Zones” throughout the city, according to WJZ-TV reporter Paul Gessler.” (from OP’s link)

Who says crime don’t pay?

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“I can relate to the shooters, guess what they want? They want money,” Tyree Moorehead, the activist told FOX 45 of Baltimore.

Moorehead, who the Baltimore Sun reported spent more than a decade in prison on a second-degree murder conviction tied to a shooting at 15,

Any questions?


:man_facepalming: There just are no words.

The idea has been around and used for years. I can’t find the study nor the authors. It started some place else than Chicago but there was a group doing that in Chicago for awhile. Haven’t followed up with the statistics though.

Maybe Maryland should stop making it so hard for law abiding citizens to get carry permits so they can defend themselves against these thugs! Seems that the government in Maryland only wants the criminals to have weapons. What kind of fool would pay people not to kill!!

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Killing a killer cost 1$

If a person is on a city/county/state payroll to not kill people…can they pass the background check ??

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I wonder how that worked out

I am sure it worked out great @Joseph161 I mean, what self respecting criminal would not obey a sign? :grinning:


Not at today’s ammo costs… :sunglasses:

You’re not shopping at the right place.

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@PossumSlayer1, I haven’t been shopping for ammo. I have enough for now. Hoping for a future time when prices “normalize”, before I need to get more. Dry-fire more, shoot less.