Just made this video earlier

Ok, just just made this video earlier because of the way a doctor was talking down to me at my appointment.

Really who cares, you’re going to this Dr for your health. If you don’t like the particular Dr. find another Dr.


There is a very active and aggressive bunch of highly educated but completely closed minded Atheists out there who are extremely leftwing to the point of being closet communists and socialists who hide behind the guise of “progressives”.

It’s not just that they don’t believe in God, they have a clear disdain for those who do and look down on them as ignorant savages.

When it comes to abortion, many of them refuse to acknowledge that the unborn child is even a human being and justify abortion on demand, at any time in pregnancy, for any reason right up to and now even beyond live birth.

Guns? The same, they are activists that want complete control and fear they’ll never get it as long as we have an armed populace. On the latter point they are correct.

There wasn’t anyone who was armed within several hundred yards of the building attacked at Parkland at the time of the attack and when an armed response arrived they were too scared to enter and confront the shooter.

I could go on for days but suffice it to say I don’t blame you for your disgust.


Post birth abortions solve the death penalty problem. Post conviction abortions!


The only problem is this particular doctor is the only one within 100 miles for what I need. And if we get the red flag law here I know that she’s more than likely going to sick them on me.


I fully understand you Brian, my advice then just don’t engage in any conversation other than about your health. Or if there’s a PA there maybe you could see the PA ?
Anyway best of luck to you and like Craig8 always signs off with “Cheers”
Happy Day


This is the most serious aspect of RFL’s. There are a hell of a lot of folks in this country with some emotional issues who are anything but dangerous who need help before they get any worse.

RFL’s will strongly discourage us from getting the help we need before we “go postal” for fear of the “knock at the door” if we do seek help.