Just Like A Woman

I’m a live and let live guy. If a guy wants to remove his genitals and replace them with a deep cavity, I’m like, pffft… If a woman wants to remove her breasts and grow one down below, I’m like, yeah whatever babe. But when a guy changes to a girl just so he can win a (NCAA Swimming) championship because he couldn’t win as a man - that’s where I get off the fence and say WTF man? At least Brittney “Merchant of Death” Griner stayed a LBG in the WNBA.

Now Lia “I can’t win against men” Thomas is promoting/embracing ANTIFA. A group which IMHO is the American version of ISIS. So now you gonna talk the talk but are you gonna walk the walk? Because if you walk into a protest against the Hells Angels or Proud Boys, I guarantee that they’re gonna want to test you. After all you’re a man, right? Or are you gonna, “… break just like a little girl.”


Our world just gets stranger and stranger… :thinking:


But he didn’t change, he only stated that he’s a female. Other than that statement, he has everything that makes him male. He’s likely insane, but still male.

[edit] Note that I did not state man, but male.


Hey, I can help it with it’s ‘transition’
What caliber does it prefer?
Does he want Soprano? .22
Does he want a tenor? .357
Does he want Alvin and the chipmunks? .50 Barrett

Stay Frosty “William”