Just how divided are we?

Personally, everyone I meet is automatically given a “half a cup of respect.” As time with them goes on, their words and actions are noted and my respect is adjusted, up or down, depending upon how we interact with each other. When the cup of respect “runneth over”, they are considered a friend and they acquire my loyalty. If the cup is emptied and/or broken, they acquire my absence. Race, religion and all the other stuff is irrelevant. Everyone gets the same chance. What they do with it is up to them.


I have no support or respect for what is happening in the autonomous zones. My only point is that not everyone on the left is a communist or anarchist just as not everyone on the right is white supremacist. Most are much closer to meeting in the middle than the media and politicians are willing to admit. The vast majority of people I meet everywhere I go are good people just trying to live their lives and support their families. And most are as sick of the political BS and fear mongering as I am.


Have you met anyone carrying bike locks that are swinging them like a homerun hitter for your head? Until you meet the violence head-to-head, you cannot speak for those that do. I can attest that my downtown city area looks like it was a war zone, boarded-up businesses and buildings, signs of fire, and no active business activity, unlike pre-riot.


When Chauvin was sentenced in Floyd’s death this past mid-April 2021, do you all think that much of the anger from 2020 has subsided and that we will not have looting or riots this summer? Hoping there is less violence, helping America cool off this year. Wishing peace in our own house/country.

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I work a lot in SoCal so have seen a lot of bottom feeders including two attempted theft/car jackings directed at me personally, and got to drive by a car with a person who was just murdered sitting inside. So I don’t live in a fantasy land utopia. But still, the vast majority of people I talk to even in that screwed up area seem like good folks to me.

I am pretty darn fortunate not to live near a big city but I’m willing to bet the majority of people living in the crappiest of places are just good people trying to get by in a very bad situations. They unfortunately are stuck dealing with a much higher percentage of bad people amongst their neighbors.


@Burdo . I would like to think so but highly doubt it. There is a lot of pent up anger from an economic system that benefits the few at the expense of the many. The bills are just now coming due. Add to that a lot of people playing the us and them game for personal gain. The virus was just the straw that broke the back last year. Think there will be lots more strife for a lot more reasons down the road:(


@Burdo I don’t see things cooling off until we get more justice minded mayors and governors elected. Many of us have lived through times like these before and until the police are given the tools to get the bad actors off the street it just gets worse. Portland is just an example, Seattle isn’t far behind. LA with their catch and release no money bail system like Seattle and Portland is just feeding the fire. who is leading the charge? The people that want to compromise and align themselves with the de fund the Police and tear down the justice system restructure the courts. The cities most active in these pursuits are suffering the most. I don’t have to list them anyone can look it up for themselves. Excuses can be made, blame can be reassigned but none the less it is the policies advocated for by the groups that rioted last summer “are” the single major cause to this lawlessness. The Politicians running these cities are by a majority percent in support of the groups calling for this restructuring. Unless things change a lot, this year will be like last year only more of the population will be armed and things could go south in a hurry. This was the whole slant of my original post. One side says most of the people de funding, re imagining, releasing criminals are just normal regular people. The other side says they are the problem and regular people don’t support “any” of these programs removing law and order and adding social services. If you have friends in Portland, Seattle, L A, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Detroit or Chicago call them ask them what is happening. My prediction anyway.


Which of groups A, B, & C are considered “just an idea”!


Often people that seem to support group A. And some of group B will attempt to use the, it is just an idea. However with instant news access people from Group A and group B will confirm they are a movement that wants to destroy society as we know it. And no I don’t need to post all of the videos of the leaders of those groups stating the goals of de-funding and re- imagining justice because unless you live in a bubble we have all seen it.

But be clear group A is making money off of the division and will fade into the darkness if the SHTF leaving Group B and C to face the resistance in the street. As I see it anyway.