Just gets Weirder and Weirder

The revenge of the unvaccinated. :mask: Ka Ching $$$$$$…


Garsh, all the compliments are making me blush. :smiley:
Still feeling awfully lucky I stepped off the day biden stepped on. “Follow the science” squawked ad nauseum by brain dead sheep while even “fauci the impaler” admitted “science is experimentation.” When politics and financial interests took over the cdc and our medical “gurus”, it was obvious, blatant, disgusting…and I looked elsewhere for information. My wife is awesome at keeping me alive and healthy, but I also check in on these guys.


Just follow the money, we will see who gets rich off “Pure Blood”. :thinking:
Another solution looking for a problem.


Congratulations to my fellow pure bloods. Stay strong. Stand on your beliefs :heartbeat:


LOL, I am sorry, but my blood isn’t any good anyway. No one can use my blood and I am but grateful to God for being alive.

This is an interesting statement to me. We were told to Follow the Science as it pertains to COVID. But not to Follow the Science as it pertains to Gender.

It’s no wonder that COVID Amnesty is such a hot topic with the people who forced the COVID agenda.

Jesus wept.


I never was sold or got on the band-wagon regarding COVID - an ordinary mask is only some protection from someone in a coughing or sneezing fit, and I consider these vaccines government-funded, guinea-pig experiments on a population - who knows what medical results will emerge in the future? Look at the years it took to discover the effects of Love Canal, or the now-revealed water pollution at Camp Lejeune. Thanks to the do-nothings that regulate the food industry, there’s even sugar and corn syrup in mustard and salad dressing - leading to future generations of diabetics and presently-suffering diabetics in the world. If “they” want MY blood, they’ll have to settle for “extra-sweet” !