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Oh, the one that does not post ad hominem attacks, I see. Again, if you were kicked, you were not hit?

Ta aid those that are ESL:

Kick: “a blow or sudden forceful thrust with the foot”
Hit: “to apply forcefully or suddenly”; “to strike a blow”

Let me pose a hypothetical question: If one is hit on the backside, ankle, shin, or other body part by a boot enclosed foot, have they not been kicked? :thinking:


:wink: Yeap… that’s why we call it “kicked”.
Is the language simple, isn’t it? No need to say: 'hit by foot"… we say: “kicked” :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it still baseball question?
Or something related to “kick, hit, kick”… or “hit, kick, hit”… or … whatever… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Yes, it is, but some that are ESL do have issues understanding the idioms and usage.

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But are you going to say: “hit the ball” during American Football game? Nope, you say “Kick the ball”.That makes it easy to understand. And that was the whole point of this discussion.
I know life can be complicated… but let’s make it simple if we can… :slightly_smiling_face:

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At least you understand that hitting a ball can be by any method, and rules of the game are what determines the method(s).

6-4-3 refers to the position numbers of the players on the field in baseball:
1, pitcher; 2, catcher; 3, first baseman; 4, second baseman; 5, third baseman; 6, shortstop; 7, left fielder; 8 , center fielder; 9, right fielder.

Writing that made me recall the Abbott and Costello bit “Who’s on First?” I still find that funny, they did it so well.

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It’s a baseball question my brother.

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That’s correct @Dave17 and I know you can explain how that play happens.

Assuming runners are already on 1st and 2nd:

  1. Line drive to short for 1st out , throws to 2nd for 2nd out for non-tagging runner then to first for 3rd out for non-tagging runners
  2. short fields hot grounder, tags runner from second base, throws to 2nd for force out on runner from 1st, the to first for batter running to 1st

You got it brother @William591 :+1::+1:

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It is all about the special moments. Great plays that makes everybody ooh and aahhh! Randy Johnson hits a pigeon with a 100 MPH pitch. Now that is fun baseball, all the moments! Watching that jump and reach over the wall to steal some ones home run! You gottah love Baseball!

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