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I thought I was childless – then I discovered I had 37 secret children (msn.com)

It was a young woman named Rachel who changed my life forever. I still remember the moment – 10.55am on 6 October 2017.

I was sitting in the café of the Ritz Hotel in San Francisco when a Facebook message pinged on my mobile phone. ‘Hi Peter,’ it said. ‘I am messaging you under very strange circumstances.

‘This is a very sensitive subject… but to give you a bit of my background, I was born in 1994 due to in-vitro fertilisation. The reason I am messaging you is that I believe you may have been the donor.’

The first thing I felt was shock – mixed with an undercurrent of pleasure that the message was grammatically correct. Then I freaked out. Rushing back to my hotel room, I forwarded the message to my wife and siblings. ‘Could this be a scam?’ replied my sister, echoing my own thoughts.

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But even in this early panic, I knew it could very well be true. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, while I was trying to make it as a theatre producer and artistic director in Los Angeles, my home town, I had been a frequent visitor to two sperm banks. It was a good way to raise money: I was given at least $45 per donation, up to five times a week.

Over five or six years, I must have made hundreds of donations, which afforded me my dream of starting a theatre company.

Peter Ellenstein pictured with a group of his biological children - Peter Ellenstein

There are few regulations governing who can donate sperm in the US. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines limit a donor to 25 live births per population area of 850,000, although this is not enforced by law. To my knowledge there’s no central tracking.

At the time, the clinic told me that the donations were anonymous, though I agreed that any offspring could track me down in the event of a medical emergency – if they needed my bone marrow for a transplant, for example. So I went away and mostly forgot all about it.


If I would have known I could have been a millionaire

There’s a reason I won’t do the ancestry or 23/me things!!!

Never donated,… but I could have “Summer” kids….

Summer here…

Summer over there,…


Interesting story.

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$45? Man, my active years have been wasted.


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