Juneteenth New Holiday

14 Republicans voted “No” to the bill in the House after the Senate voted unanimously in favor of it. Optically it looks bad for the Republicans. Juneteenth House vote: bill to make June 19 a federal holiday passes


I can’t read the article you linked to, because I use an add blocker. But, some of the resistance was the name of the proposed holiday.

"Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., argued that referring to Juneteenth as a national independence day would confuse people.

“I fully support creating a day to celebrate the abolition of slavery, a dark portion of our nation’s history. However, naming this day ‘national independence day’ will create confusion and push Americans to pick one of those two days as their independence day based on their racial identity,” Massie said on the House floor. “Why can’t we name this ‘emancipation day’ and come together as Americans and celebrate that day together as Americans?”

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, also objected to the name of the bill.

“Juneteenth should be commemorated as the expression of the realization of the end of slavery in the United States - and I commend those who worked for its passage,” Roy said in a statement.

“I could not vote for this bill, however, because the holiday should not be called ‘Juneteenth National Independence Day’ but rather, ‘Juneteenth National Emancipation [or Freedom or otherwise] Day.’ This name needlessly divides our nation on a matter that should instead bring us together by creating a separate Independence Day based on the color of one’s skin,” Who are the 14 House Republicans who voted against a Juneteenth holiday? And why?

I don’t really care either way, but I do agree Juneteenth National Independence Day is not the best name for it.


What’s that old saying about the perfect not being the enemy of the good…?





Maybe in the future they change the label to reflect the event correctly. But until that time let’s hope this unites.


I do respect everyone’s opinion on this matter but as you I have my own opinion. Not to start any disagreement which might lead to ugly decisions but my opinion. The treatment that Black peoples had to go through in the past and even today’s time, I feel that June- Tenth is appropriate if that what the Blacks have decided to be. Every other holiday we have is most acknowledging a person of white/European descent. Yes February is considered Black history month but it is also the shortest month of the year. My honest believe to bring all peoples together is to treat all peoples as equals. I am 59 years of age and have served our country with pride and is still welling to serve her, even with my life if needed but even when in uniform I was treated as my ancestors in Indian in 83, the waitress did not want to serve me at a restaurant. It took the gentleman behind me in line to force them to serve me, I did not get anything to eat there and at least three white brothers that lived there refused to eat there that day. To make and even longer story shorter ( because this is one that can go on for a very very long time), why not just let it be June-Tenth as # KillJoy stated and maybe some it might change. Even now it had to be voted on a group ( mostly white ), even for it to be recognized as such.


Similar to watering down the significance of Independence Day when people say, “happy 4th!”


Personally I think I’ll say “Happy Juneteenth Day”. Whatever it’s called it should reflect what it historically did. Since it Freed Slaves Freedom is an appropriate term in my opinion. You should count your blessing it was not call Happy African American or Nlack or Slave Freedom Day. That racializes it. We need to unite.

One of the reasons I have PTSD (first trigger) is I became friends with a black man, 18. We worked Fire Guard together. He was a great young man. When we were in the field during AIT it was -20. We were all cold as hell. 15 black men got the beginning symptoms of frostbite. My friend was even more unlucky. He slipped on the howitzer and his head cracked like an egg. The drill tried to put his head using a helmet shell liner. But he blead out before the chopper could arrive. I still cry over it. I have no mercy on racists. They are just as much my enemy. The KKK didn’t form just to to be racist. They are very anti-Catholic. I suffered so much from hatered from Protestants growing up. When I returned to Catholicism 17 years I went on a hell bent study trying the disprove Catholicism which failed miserably. From that I learned in-depth apologetics. Along with actual Church history. I was already a very serious student of the Bible. But I’ve learned that you can not convince someone who’s bent on hating your religious belief and constantly dismiss every good rational biblical answers.


I would tend not to quibble over the name “Juneteenth”. I like the full explanation in the link:

June 19 (Fixed) Juneteenth National Independence Day Commemorates the anniversary of the date on which emancipation was announced in Texas.

It certainly marks a milestone in our history.

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Not quibbling.



Stop Quibbling!!


Sorry, folks, but I must allow the history nerd in me to manifest himself for a brief moment.

Slavery didn’t end on 19 June 1865. That date is the day Federal forces showed up in Texas and informed them that they would enforce Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. It took a long time to actually enforce this across the vast territory.

Furthermore, slavery would continue in the border states that remained in the Union, as Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation only liberated enslaved peoples in rebellious states. Slavery in the United States would not officially end until the 13th Amendment was ratified, in December 1865… 6 months later. Unofficially, as many here know, the fight against enslavement and human trafficking still happens, today.

I have no problem with a holiday commemorating the end of legalized slavery in the United States. When you think of the type of events that justify a “holy day,” certainly the end of slavery is worthy of remembrance. And I’m ok with it being 19 June, if that’s the day we choose to celebrate. But let’s not forget historic facts. Human beings remained legally enslaved after 19 June, and their lives mattered. Human beings continue to be treated like property, and even though we’ve outlawed it, our history demands that we take action to find and free these victims, and to punish their captors.

In short: I think a national holiday is a good idea. I think the Texas holiday is the wrong date, but perhaps it doesn’t matter. I think the holiday should be used to reflect on our past, celebrate our advances, and fight modern injustice.


I will admit that I never knew of “Juneteenth” until President Trump brought it up one or two years ago. Me being a history buff I looked into something I did not know and as @Ouade5 notes slavery REALLY didn’t end until the amendment to the Constitution. It’s fascinating history. I grew up in a line of military folk that were true to the time that they were in.

My Grandfather spoke reverently of the “Blackey” (SP) sailors that he worked with during WW2. The title wasn’t a slight it was what was a normally accepted moniker of the time. When he died there were several black folk that attended his funeral that he had kept in touch with during the years. They knew more about my grandfather during the war years that any of my family knew and I was proud to sit with them and hear their stories. I think they were a bit shocked that I was so interested. I attended two of the gentleman’s funerals when they passed I was the only white man there. I am glad to say respect was given and received but it may have taken a moment.

My Dad is a Vietnam vet from white as you can be Indiana. I met him for the first time (that I could remember) when I was 19 years old (Divorce) . That weekend that I showed up on his door step was a reunion of sorts of folks in CO that were in his company. There were 2 white guys, me and my Dad. Never such a joyous celebration did I see from war brothers and their children (I was an E-3 in the Navy). Again I learned more about my Dad than my family knew. My favorite line was from one gentleman "We was in the middle of getting our a$$es kicked and SGT XXXXXX (My Dad) was takin’ prisoners with that big revolver he had (My Ruger 41 Magnum) . He’d shoot two of them and the other five would surrender. Saved our a$$es "

I guess I didn’t fall far from the tree I had 400 +/- sailors under me when I retired and to a man and a woman they said “The only colors and genders I see in the Navy are Blue and Khaki, everything else is B$” as the biggest thing they learned from me. I firmly believe that the constitution of a man/woman’s character is the only thing to be judged. Prior to that everyone is the same until you prove yourself in exception.

I don’t think the country is racist but I do believe that people are a product of their environment. I also think there is a lot of flame fanning. The question is why?




@Craig6 , very interesting read. I thank you for sharing, something I feel the whole world should read over and over again. Be blessed my brother.


We can just call it what Kamala Harris would “A nice long weekend”:roll_eyes:


& have a Cheeto, isn’t that nice.

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Interesting stories. Getting another holiday, a new flag and, talking about mans injustice to man is not going to help.b
This Nation is in more trouble now than ever. Until trouble makers and criminals are handled appropriately, and bad cops are weeded out things aren’t going to get better. Even talking about this issue will cause a divide within USCCA. A LARGE NUMBER OF US JOINED BECAUSE OF THE INCREASED CRIMINAL VIOLENCE CAUSED BY TROUBLE MAKERS. As I said before burning and looting destroys any positive progress with racial Unity. Being under privileged is no excuse for being a criminal, and now is tolerated by law-enforcement to avoid conflicts. No one can change the past for Blacks or Jews. So instead of digging up dead and gone yesterday’s and excuses