Jeopardy Got it Wrong!

I’m showing my age and I was watching Jeopardy on Thursday Night and was pissed off when the contestant incorrectly answered “What is an assault rifle” instead of the correct response " What is an ArmaLite rifle". I am disappointed they accepted a wrong answer. But, I should not be surprised, they have multiple “Daily Doubles”, which by definition, there should only be “One” daily double, otherwise they are simply “Doubles”.


Unfortunately most people don’t care about weapons classifications. It’s part of our casusl lexicon. AR will always stand for ‘assault rifle’, I’m sure lots of folks that throw around the term ‘assault rifle’ know AR = ArmorLite Rifles. Like so many trigger words … tools to stir pots.

TIN FOIL HAT TIME - Who knows, maybe Jeopardy is engaged in subliminal social engineering, reinforcing a narrative.

…I have spoken


I love Jeopardy! but like most every show, has a tendency to lean left.
Just look at how many shows participated in posting black squares at the height of this year’s protests.

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I expected much more from a man of his intelligence and the fact checkers behind the computers. I think he owes us an apology, in this case Alex was wrong, sorry if you can’t admit you were wrong, then you lose my respect. It’s your word and your integrity, once you lose that, there is no final jeopardy.
You can lean left, right, upside down, but the truth is still the truth, the sky is still blue and the sun will surely rise.