Ja Morant

There may be quite a few lessons on what not to do, thanks to Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies.
Ja Morant investigation: Colorado police looking into video of NBA star appearing to show off gun at nightclub - CBSSports.com

It’s been interesting reading different accounts. The anti-gun press is all over it, of course. They want the NBA to stage an intervention simply because Morant owns a firearm. A separate article claimed that it is against NBA rules for players to carry a firearm when they are travelling to or from a game, which includes any time on the road at away games. Based on some of the things I’ve seen, Morant has some issues beyond simply brandishing firearms. Regardless, though, I feel a little weird about all the negative attention he’s gotten for simply owning a firearm.


He exhibits irresponsible behavior, on the gangsta side.
Looks like someone who hasn’t learned from lessons of the past.


He got the attention because he was brandishing his firearm at a night club. Whether the attention is warranted or not :confused:.

Professional Athletes, Celebrities, Political Figures do attract some hmm let’s call it negative attention from “fans”. I can understand why they may feel a need for a firearm or armed security for their protection. My only issue is those same Professional Athletes, Celebrities, Political Figures telling me I shouldn’t have security for myself. I am not in a financial position to hire armed guards, so I protect me and mine as best I can.


I think showing off a firearm in a public place deserves at least a little negative attention. Unless that place is the shooting range or barbecue with some friends, etc. Not sure about in CO or Denver in particular but in many places it is illegal to have a firearm in settings that serve alcohol. And in almost all places it is illegal to carry if you are drinking. Not sure if he was or not.

Even if it was all perfectly legal it’s not a good idea to show off your defensive tools in a room full of strangers. Firearms should stay in the holster until you need to use them.


Agreed. There are a lot of details I’m still missing, but it seems like the issue is an immature person who wanted to show off his firearm in public like it was some kind of toy. Keep your gun in your pants, or you’ll get in trouble.

The press has long demonstrated their ignorance with firearms, so I’m not surprised they can’t distinguish between the problem with brandishing (if that’s what this was) and the right to keep and bear arms. In other words, they’re not going after him for displaying his firearm in public (which is a no-no), they’re going after him for merely owning a firearm (which is a right)… but that shouldn’t surprise me, coming from the press.


Bottomline: Ja Morant is not one I would call a model citizen.
He plays ball. Seals and penguins entertain the same way plus more.


Hmmm stupid is as stupid does. Good line

No charges, just social media indictment.

I’m not changing my initial reaction—I find him highly irresponsible,

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