"I've always been told..."

I’ve heard so many crazy “advice” that people have been told by a “friend” who “carries” about what to do if you have to defend yourself. I have to wonder where people come up with some of this stuff.

Check out this blog post and try not to shake your head as you read it:

What other “advice” have you heard?

Here was a new one I dealt with recently. A coworker claims we can’t carry a gun in a bank. I said, yes we can. He said, no, since they are FDIC insured, they are a Federal Building. :flushed:. So, his logic, if the Fed does business with you at all, your private business is a Federal Building.

“once you get your conceal permit you can never open carry again”… i have heard this countless times…i dont want to open the can of worms of conceal vs open carry, just amazed at how many people truly believe this

That’s a new one to me! I know a lot of banks don’t allow carry, but not because they’re FDIC.

@lew I’ve heard that one and I just have to scratch my head when someone says that. I got into a conversation this weekend with someone who knows where I work. They were partially open carrying in the middle of their back with a concealed carry holster. When I suggested a different holster, they informed me that it’s legal for them to open carry in WI. I said, I 100% understand that, but I don’t want you to have your firearm stolen from you because you’re not using a retention holster.

It was an interesting conversation to say the least. :thinking:

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Most of our banks now have metal detectors between two locking doors.

Enter door one after the security guard buzzes you in. Once the door closes and locks the activates and does it’s thing. If you’re clear the buzz you through the second door.

If you’re not clean the alarm sounds and you’re locked in the space until police arrive. Damn that alarm was loud. Deputy buddies had a good laugh at my expense. In my defense they had just installed the machines, I had no idea they were there.


@Dawn that was my thoughts. They have the right, as a private property, to prohibit firearms. But the FDIC has nothing to do with that aspect of the bank.

@BrophE, is concealed carry allowed in those banks? I’d be wound tight if I got locked in there for doing nothing wrong. Stinking teller better give ME a sucker after that.


Allowed? I don’t know, but I always carried until that fateful day.