It’s Time to Establish a National Conceal Carry — Now!


I couldn’t agree more. but sorry to say it POSSIBLY won’t happen until the GOP gains CONTROL BOTH HOUSES IN CONGRESS AND THE WHITE HOUSE. Then it might just be possible. But not until then.

GOP offers no guarantees, how about constitutionalists


From what I’ve been seeing on this matter. I believe that each Chamber does have some type of National Conceal Carry Bill in them waiting to be looked at.

While I most strongly believe a CC should work just like a driver’s license and be valid everywhere in the US, the odds of that happening in the current political climate is probably significantly less than that of me winning the lottery😏. IF the Republicans keep the White House AND gain control of theHouse we “might” have a chance-if the commucrats win we will be very lucky to keep what we have. The goal of the left is nothing less than total disarmament of “we the people”. Anyone who doesn’t believe that probably isn’t paying attention. If folks don’t wake up, and darn quick it will be game, set, and match, and those of us who believe in the Constitution and the USA will be headed for the re-education camps to have our mistaken ways corrected. Ask the Germans how “gun control” worked out for them in the 1930’s…

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Remember after Parkland, the President said National Reciprocity was dead during his round tables with Congress. We might see it happen the house flips and republicans gain a super majority in the Senate to stop filibusters.

And that is the only way I fear…