It has come to OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!...😡

And, the last time we actually had a Conservative President, was a movie star, Ronald ‘Ronaldous Magnus’ Reagan.

There might be something to someone who was not strictly a politician from the moment they were teething.


Even if for no other reason than to provoke thought, here is another long but worth the watch…

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This wasn’t written by me. I stumbled across it and in fact it was written under a pseudonym. But I share the content and I hope that everyone, especially the prognosticators and instigators among us, will absorb it and give it some thought.

"A caution against tribalism:
As things get worse, I strongly urge us all to recognize people like Democratic journalists and about half the old Democratic Party, who are right now wondering what happened to the Party that used to believe in “fascist” ideas like equality and democracy, as fellow Americans, not as enemies.

Our enemies have always known that our real strength was our unity. We disagrred freely, but when elections were over, we were all still family. For money, our politicians have intentionally destroyed that unity, and they have led us into tribalism. Our foreign enemies now control much of the media, and the media constantly works to divide us. We have a woman who may very well be president in a few months who incites, and even financially supports, domestic terrorists for her own power. We are a small group by comparison to our real foreign and domestic enemies. We are like a pre-civil war colony up against a great power.

If our founders looked for differences among them (and there were many) instead of grabbing onto common ground and uniting, the US never would have existed. Every one of our creating documents, especially the Constitution, was the result of debate and compromise for the sake of unity. If they had the attitude toward each other that many of us have, including in this group, we would still have weird British accents and most guns would have been banned 100 years ago.

We must find allies where they are and welcome them without demanding that they agree with every idea or politician we want. There is nothing more American than that. Many people in both parties long for the days of active disagreement, held together by love of country. If we fall prey to the tribalism we are being manipulated into, we will “hang separately.”"


@ Mel2. It’s mid November now and was wondering if you could give us a follow up to your excellent narrative of events now that protest have become “mostly peacefull”. I thank you in advance and thank for finally convincing my wife to set up cameras.

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And Obummer welcomed them into America! :rage:

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You know, of course, that a single company of Marines, fully armed and with the green GO light would Stop & End 99% of these riots!


Hey Jay,
The black community as in people who love Jesus. Need to stand up against the hate on the streets. Antifa is an organization with a name. They have no comprehension of real fascism. THE BLM group is a billion dollar
enterprise who uses the real black community to stir up hate. Satan is the real instigator, stirs up hate, uses our minds to battle against good. But in the end God wins. K


There’s no way they’re going to put forgetful gaffing Joe on the world stage and his VP elect has already admitted she’s going after conservatives. And guns. Taxes will be sky high. Etc. Etc. We’re about to be a very different country.


It’s incredible that she can almost word for word plagiarize MLK and the MSM just ignores it. Her as POTUS with a Dem Legislature is beyond scary.


it’s all about to get very real.
I find it hard to believe that bunch of idiots in DC have impeached him again.

and the MSM just swallows anything they’re fed. also unbelieveable.


Yup. And now the site is facing the same issue that Parler is dealing with. Gun control and censorship is coming fast folks.


Without a doubt!! 0331, Echo/2/4, Vietnam 66-67!


Wow, that’s powerful! Thanks for sharing! How have things been sence ?

I got some practice this week. I did well. I love how this sport allows us to focus, block everything out of your mind, find forfillment with results, leaves goals to meet and allows us to feel we have the ability to defend ourselves (hopefully never have to) but it’s an added confidence in our inner knowledge and abilities :grin:

I’m a little disheartened lately to hear people say they think the world would be a better place without guns, guns scare them, judgement on those who wish to educate themselves, stereotypes like “crazy trumpers”.

Instead of appreciation for those who stand to protect our community and take the time to keep our homes and people safe.

What happened to the human spirit? What happened to the positivity and support?

Does pandemic stress lead to survival mind therefore judgment and necessities become strong opinions?

People have become oppionated by making social distancing judgements per social distancing each day.

Plus massive political upheaval reflects on riots and guns it’s hard to support guns if your not educated on them I guess?

I want to see more positive and supporting people who are understanding, open minded, not so quick to judge and to learn how to manage their stress.

If the nations people are stressed between politics, fighting for our 2nd amendment rights and pandemic survival judgments, how will this change the nature of citizens? How have our communities change around our nation?

Ex. California people are flooding Arizona to get out of heavily populated covid areas, become residents and get gun permits. CA gun laws are much more strict that AZ.

So, we have culture clash, (they think their in the country and they don’t have to wear masks) and now an influx of covid.

I’d like to see a map of population relocation, effecting covid and how politics and gun laws affect that? It’s an interesting demographical change.

How can our unsteady, seemingly negative political anchor project peace instead of chaos?

So, we are learning to stay away from people, don’t stop to talk or get close and to protect our homes and loved close ones. Will this necessity loosens will we?

How is the threat of loosing our second amendment rights with the influx of an extra 5 billion gun carriers going to react in such a subjective world living in survival judgments per pandemic?

How can we calm the nations people and add something to look forward to, let our people know we are strong survivors to endure this time?

Many are fighting homelessness, list jobs, homes, loved ones… We are being conditioned to isolate and be objective.

How do you distress a nation and Project hope? Where is our president, our leader, the voice we need?


What type of test are they using? The rapid test have a 80% false positive rate.


If you want the police and anyone else the company decides to view your footage go right ahead. A Lorex system would be bettet and cheaper with video stored on your own hard drive


Time to open prison doors, I guess! If they released some, why not release them all.