It has come to OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!...😡

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That’s pretty funny. :slight_smile:


There are several factors for media blackouts, that are strictly enforced.
A known criminal or groups may relocate throwing off an investigation, the crime group may change vehicles or tactics / times / or even change what items they’re targeting.
It’s also used to deter them from going underground for a while “laying low”, it prevents the individual or group from having time to establish an alibi, it keeps members of the community from developing a Robin Hood sympathy, it keeps the investigation from becoming contaminated or the crime scenes / witnesses safe from contamination or harassment.
I’m the Son of a former Hillsborough County Deputy Sheriff ( Tampa )
I know about Sanford Fla.
I sat for 2 years on a wait list trying to get the funds up to gain some college courses but came with a wealth of knowledge on why judges order a “Gag Order” due to the sensitive nature or heinous acts of certain crimes.
No one wants to admit it yet and civility is trying to keep up the hope, but we’re in another war on terror here at home! The 2nd American Civil War is truly underway.
LEO’s can’t even perform their sworn duties now without facing charges. Since we have to be nice on here I’ll say it this way!
You see some individual or group harm any member of Law Enforcement… Don’t hesitate to help or return the acts of aggression that someone does to a LEO.
I’m thinking about the most recent case in LA County Saturday this week.
IF… These tensions continue to force Americans to protect themselves and our officers…
USCCA You all might want to hire more lawyers.


The tempo does seem to be rising…
I would still consider it more of an insurgency than a civil war at this point… the rule of law, the ‘system’, and possibly even the infrastructure are certainly under attack, but self immolation of /from the cities and isolated cases of right vs left violence isn’t at the level of open civil warfare…yet.

True civil war is something we all should be working very hard to avoid!!! It is one of the worst things that could happen to this country and possibly for your children’s safety and future.

Differentiate between antifa/blm/state actors/enemies of the state and brainwashed youth looking to find their cause and make a mark. I’m not saying excuse them. I’m saying focus on root causes and not symptoms.

If you catch yourself thinking or believing the problems are rooted in color (black or white) catch your breath and meditated for an moment on ‘what is evil, what is sin’. They are not colors. They are corruptions of the soul. Don’t let yours be corrupted.

I fear force may be required, but it should be well focused, anything but indescriminate, and it should NOT take the form of mob justice in exchange for mob justice.

Stand up for right, for yourself, for your community, and for your country, but make sure you do it in a way that truth, justice, and moral law have no choice but to be on your side (regardless of what deceptions evil will attempt)