It has come to OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!...😡

Google will make it smart enough to only alarm when a burglar is busting through your door, not a peaceful protester.


Didn’t read all of it cause I figured it would be someone going on and on about BLM. What little I read, it seems that was the case. My question is simple; how do we know these guys were BLM? Did they have shirts that said “I am with BLM”?

The hatred of people is terrible and I’ve noticed its mostly gun owning, conservative white men that back dump that has hate in their hearts.

THAT is scary.


NAA, hate is color blind. As is morality, integrity, and faith.

I don’t care how you group people (color, religion, profession, geography, or whatever) younwill have good ones and bad ones in any group.


Absolutely you will have good and bad. You will also have the ignorant who are incapable of thinking on their own and use Fox news to tell them “Antifa” is bad. Which I find super funny cause if you hate anti fascism then that means you support it. Ergo, if you hate antifa, you support it, i.e. you support Dump.

It’s all good tho, you and I have had this go round before :wink: This original post just reinforces the majority of racist remarks I see in many facebook groups by gun owners.

I’m not sure I’m clear on what that post was meant to say.

Yes it does seem to have a bit of deja vu, and by the way I hope you are doing well.

I had to go back to actually see what the original post was. And of course (my experiences being different than yours) I didn’t take it the same. I only saw the facts about homes being robbed, suspects being caught on camera, yes they were black, and yes one of them was a known BLM supporter (and now possibly a robber based upon circumstantial evidence)

You know me… Black Lives Matter the statement… yup absolutely and no problem. Black live matter the organization committed to the destruction of family structure and rooted in Marxist doctrine… sorry not on my agenda to support.

As always, stay safe.


Here’s the plan for Louisville today …image


Man @MikeBKY be careful over there I’ll be praying for you. Thanks for the information.


Hating a group of people for the actions of others in that group is just wrong. No one agrees 100% with anyone and we shouldn’t judge people based on the actions of others.


Except Antifa is not… NOT… anti-Fascist.

Antifa is a Communist / Fascist Totalitarian Terrorist Lawless group.

Black Lives Matter, the group, is a Communist / Fascist Totalitarian Terrorist Lawless group.

All lives matter, no matter what color.


‘blocking the interstate’?

When did that become legal, and when did it become acceptable to deny freedom of movement to citizens?

If they know these are being planned, why not actually enforce the laws and stop the lawlessness.


It does remain illegal and LMPD has every officer on duty today. They have tow trucks ready to remove and impound vehicles and I expect that there will be more arrests then the last time they showed up at the KY AG’s home and threatened to “burn it down.”


It comes to believing the narrative or your own eyes. What would a reasonable person do?
In my opinion, a reasonable man does not need to experience a roundhouse kick to the head to understand what Antifa is.

And who is this Dump? Is this some kind of derogatory moniker? If so, can you articulate what this person did against you?


Ring got bought by Amazon.

Nest was the one bought by Google.

I don’t trust either, but I trust Google a lot less than Amazon.


Welcome to the family and you are in the right place at the right time, be blessed.

Thanks for the info. I dislike panning a company because of my lack of knowledge!

BUT though I am a prime customer of amazon

It (the organization) has really deteriorated in

Recent years. Agreed I definitely Don’t trust bezo’s company BUT google is Always Lying about

“How wonderful it’s customer service performs”

If either organization doesn’t like what you say or post it’ll do it’s damn best to Punish you for your “Transgression” & that comes from bitter experiences with Both!


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Ooooooooh…I feel sooooo much better knowing the FBI is investigating! Yeah, we can trust them. :crazy_face: :face_vomiting: :male_detective:



We lived in Southern Illinois and normally took I-70 to Lambert International Airport that goes right by “hands up, don’t shoot,” Ferguson MO.

Shut down I-70 numerous times. We started diverting and using routes to avoid.

This type of behavior has been building for years and especially in recent months.

Regardless of election outcome much of this will not stop. The response may change, but Democratic cities particularly will continue. So much anger.


When I see Anyone wearing a “Hoody” so his/her Face is obscured & unrecognizable, walking anywhere near me I immediately become cautious & defensive. And Color or Race has nothing doing about it since I can’t see what’s Under the Hood & Sleeves.

Seems to Me that any person that Tries to Hide their Identity definitely is Not someone I’d Trust.