Israel - Hamas war

Hamas wanted a war and they got a war. Millions of "innocent’ Palestinians ceded power to a few thousand Hamas and are now suffering what they allowed.

Israel’s ball now and they have decided to run the court. Can’t say as I blame them.


You never tire of making a fool out of yourself. An article from 2013.Really. :roll_eyes:

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So! Israel surrenders! What now?
Biden has big balls against smaller game!
Actually quite surprised BB would capitulated to Biden!
Prepare yourselves for a major blowout! Biden is the lead terrorist and he’s preparing an attack on the U.S.



Not everyone knows that. I’m sorry if you think it is foolish if I mention it.

Watch yesterday’s special briefing with Gen. Yoni (Benjamin) Asseraf, Medal of Courage recipient from the Second Lebanon War and motivational public speaker. As the dedicated partner of IDF soldiers in the United States, we serve as your direct link to the latest, most accurate information from the front lines.

Am Yisrael Chai. Forever.

I pray for the strength of the leaders of Israel, not to bend to the will of foreign powers and to finish whats right, and also for the strength of hostages to survive and be freed from the hands of evil.



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On a related note; did anyone else see the moslem imam in MI giving his hate speech? He should be deported immediately because the next thing he is going to say is the city, state nd federal government all should be islamic. I think that is the very definition of sedition.


Free speech is good, no?


Free speech is good. Yes
Not all speech is good. They are exercising their right to it. I am exercising my right to be resilient to it. I am also exercising my 2A right if they become a threat. Life is peaceful.


Some people are exercising something.
Many in America, not being Jewish or connected to the state of Israel, applaud successes of the IDF. I see this trend increasing in the future.



FIDF’s special briefings give insider access to information on the Hamas-Israel War not covered by the media. You will be transported directly to the front lines for real-time updates into IDF heroes’ experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

Am Yisrael Chai. Forever.

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I for one have my popcorn ready for the Rafah invasion. 18 battalions out of 24 are already combat ineffective per intel. Go IDF, death to hamas! I am not a Jew but love me some Israel!


This just in:
(20) Shaiel Ben-Ephraim on X: “Tragic news: According to Yaron Avraham on Channel 12 Israel news, Hamas has told the mediators that it does not have 40 hostages in the humanitarian category that are still alive. That is a category of women, children, the elderly, and the sick. The number that they say is…” / X (


Pay backs a bitch. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Israeli Airstrikes Kill 3 Of Hamas Leader’s Sons

Story by James Farrell, Forbes Staff

• 5h • 3 min read


Israeli airstrikes killed three adult sons of Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas’ political leader, Israel confirmed Wednesday, in a development that could create new tensions amid already fraught cease-fire negotiations.

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh speaks during his meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian in Tehran, Iran, Tuesday, March 26, 2024. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi) Copyright 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved
© Provided by Forbes

Key Facts

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed airstrikes killed Haniyeh’s sons—Amir, Mohammad and Hazem—whom the IDF described as being affiliated with Hamas’ military, and spokesperson Daniel Hagari claimed the men were “on their way to carry out terrorist activities in the central area of the Gaza strip.”

Haniyeh had earlier confirmed their deaths to Al Jazeera, but he claimed they were targeted while visiting relatives for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, while also claiming some of his grandchildren were killed in the strike.

News of the strike came as cease-fire negotiations continued in Cairo, with the two sides reportedly weighing a proposal put forward by CIA Director Bill Burns—in a statement reportedly posted to Hamas’ Telegram account, Haniyeh said Israel was “delusional” if it thought the attacks would push Hamas to change its positions.

It wasn’t the only snag in negotiations Wednesday—Hamas also reportedly indicated it could not locate 40 living hostages that would need to be released in order to meet the terms of the proposed cease-fire deal, raising alarm that more of the Israeli hostages taken on Oct. 7 may be dead than previously thought.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Haniyeh accused Israel of being “driven by the spirit of revenge and the spirit of murder and bloodshed” and ignoring “any standards of law,” adding: “The blood of my children is not more valuable than the blood of the children of Palestinian people.”

What We Don’t Know

It’s not clear how the latest strikes might affect cease-fire talks—already reportedly rocky, with Hamas showing little enthusiasm for the U.S.-backed proposal. The Wall Street Journal reported that talks have been more focused on Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas’ military wing in Gaza, than Haniyeh.

Key Background

Haniyeh is the leader of the political arm of Hamas, but is reportedly not based out of Gaza, instead living in Qatar. Reuters has reported Israel considers Haniyeh and other so-called political leaders of Hamas as terrorists, claiming he and others “pull the strings of the Hamas terror organization.” But it’s not clear how much Haniyeh or any of Hamas’ political leaders knew of the Oct. 7 attack that prompted the Israel-Hamas war before it occurred, Reuters reported. The U.S. has designated Haniyeh as a terrorist, claiming he has “close links with Hamas’ military wing and has been a proponent of armed struggle, including against civilians.” Some have accused Haniyeh of living “in luxury” in Qatar, away from the warfare and hardships in Gaza.

Section Title

The international community continues to wait and see whether Israel will carry out a long-anticipated ground invasion of the Gazan town of Rafah—an action that world leaders, including President Joe Biden, have warned against due to the high density of Palestinian refugees staying there. Despite the international pressure, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to carry on with the offensive, claiming Israel has set a date and “no force in the world” would stop it.


Hey Haniyeh, look up!


Mybe the problem with Hamas isn’t their religion, but their having a negative view of themselves. Who would name their child small hinny? Even the other guy depicted appears to be laughing at him. :rofl:




The problem with not finishing the job correctly, is when Israel perishes, we are next, from within!