Is your circle getting smaller

Have any others noticed the circle of people you trust is getting smaller? I was thinking about that driving home today. On the other hand the people I do trust I am sure they have my back. Still it used to be when I met someone they had to do or something to get on my, I don’t trust them, list. Now it is more like they have to prove they are worth trusting. The bad thing is it has made me suspicious of a lot of people. The good thing is my situational awareness is a lot better than it used to be. Maybe it is getting like the old west?

I wonder if this is how people felt in 1861 when we became a divided nation? Still if I lived where they were de-funding the police I believe it would be time to form a neighborhood militia.


I’m like Shrek, I got layers of circles. The core doesn’t change. The further out the more change doesn’t affect day to day life.


You are way better off, now. The amount of people you trust is getting smaller because you are finding out that you can not trust the people you thought you could. Better to know now then later. It is good you are here to be with like minded people.


My “circle” is the same size… my “groupings” are getting tighter.
(Not sure what that really means, but after a few vodkas it seems quite poetic to me)


I recently saw the meme that we are becoming a nation with three groups of people. Sadly, people who have been in my circle have joined one of the other two groups from the one I find myself in. So, yes, my circle has gotten smaller.


Been there, done that. Sometimes you can’t even trust family members. Everybody is out for themselves and will quickly throw you under the bus. Yes it’s hard for someone to earn my trust but you have to trust someone. I trust GOD. Have a blessed day.


I think that age also plays a part. Young people are open. Older people are more critical. :slight_smile:


You said a mouthful brother good point. But I don’t consider myself old brother so watch who you are calling old. JUST KIDDING. Have a blessed and prosperous day.


The coronavirus didn’t help, but united we stood and as we divide so shall we fall. As far as situational awareness is concerned, I’m operating in a land that has already abolished law and order. Virginia just announced they are REDUCING charges for assaulting LEO’s. What’s next, dare I ask! They are creating the monster that stands untrained on his front lawn with rifles and pistols. Frankenstein was just the doctor, “they” are Frankenstein.
I’m paying special attention to this weekend. We are going to have to distinguish between gunfire and illegal fireworks. As far as trust, I only trust my wife. I can’t trust my mailman, he knows what my affiliation is by the mail I receive, can’t trust any repair man coming to the house, half have guns in their repair vans (how do I know that, they are always at the range) going out in public is a challenge on two fronts, viruses and pathogens on two legs. We haven’t been able to trust the media, they’ve lied to us for years and they are responsible for dividing us and they are responsible for the coup-de-tat.
I’m actually trusting you guys. We seem to be on the same page, some of us are more aggressive some are more level headed, but I hope we are strongly united in the fight for freedom and peace. Screw world peace, we need peace in our communities. See you on your doorstep.
P.S. How safe will it be to stand in a voting line next to the enemy. Virus aside. I will still be voting in person. It’s creepy enough at the grocery checkout line. No one is trustworthy, you can see it in their eyes and body language.


For as long as I can remember I’ve had an extremely small circle. I don’t necessarily distrust people I’ve just met. That doesn’t mean I trust them either. Especially with my life or the life of my loved ones. I have very strict rules on people I call friends v.s those I call acquaintances. To be called my friend I have to be willing to take a bullet for you. This may be a very negative outlook, but life has taught me that so many people will stab you in the back to get their own way today. Makes it easy to keep my guard up.

To add to that, I am 34. And I have had this mindset since as early as I can remember.


Spot on… and with the police hatred going on I find myself evaluating every police car parked and on traffic stop just to make sure the Leo is safe. Every person in the store or parking lot is a potential enemy. If this nation doesn’t get a grip there will be no way to know who is on your side. Race age and sex doesn’t matter. True colors of people are coming out and it is scary.


I’ll have to call foul on that statement. From my point of view, after all the years I served in the military and having studied government and the U.S. Constitution in school, I think I have a pretty good grasp on issues. I also have some critical thinking skills. What I find most young people believing is whatever the mainstream media puts in print. That causes the division - not the fact that older people aren’t open. We just ponder a new thing before we buy into it.


Yes, it is getting smaller. I have different levels I trust people, but the people I really trust has gotten smaller. One thing that has really been eye opening is social media. When you are able to see what people are posting, sometimes it changes your whole perception of them. They show you where they really are. But it works the other way too, sometimes someone will surprise you in a positive way as well.

Now, I am not saying I write someone off. I know we all have the right to think for ourselves and have our own beliefs. But it can shape how must I trust someone and what I will share with them.


There are more scams today than yesterday, and before. I stumbled into a doozy yesterday, and I wont go into that arena. Then, I got to thinking, how many scammers troll this site. Why would a scammer troll a site with members that have so much training and firearms? I have met some of the finest people on this site, learned so much info, and have no regrets with no paranoia.

Our circle has always been small. We have close family, and a handful of acquaintances. Basically, because we are so busy, we keep to ourselves and don’t socialize much. Yesterday, went to grocery store, and estimated about a third of customers were wearing masks. This phenomena tends to bring a concern, as I am unable to completely read or completely identify a possible threat. Some people were scurrying as if they were afraid. Do I need to change my observation standards or techniques with mask wearing people, to identify a possible threat? One would think in a sleepy town, in a busy grocery store, there would not be any possible threats. Again, I am not paranoid, just staying vigilant.


I have very few people I trust enough to call friend. As I have gotten older, that circle has gotten smaller.

There are a few people here I consider a friend.


Oh, so you’re like a parfait?

Social media was designed to bring us together - and in ways it has (this Community for example). It wasn’t intended to be our only social outlet, but we’ve spent more time at home recently and less time with others “in person”. That does affect our social groups.

One thing I’ve found that helps keep me connected is going to the range. I’m not saying I’m best buds with everyone at the range, but it does help to be able to talk to like minded people without having to be careful when it comes to the gun or political conversation.

If you’re looking for a new range, check out our range finder here. Finding the right range has helped me find people like me (not “tacticool” or all military).


This is going to sound strange but one of the things that has helped through this entire messed up year. Is the USCCA call center. Sometimes it’s just nice to talk to them, know I’m not going to be judged because I am pro 2nd Amendment, or thought of as a radical right wing militant. I’m a heck of a lot more liberal than most think.

More companies should take a page from the USCCA manual. There call center people are just really nice.


My circle has always been small but, yes, it’s been getting smaller.


My circle has stayed the same, it’s going to get larger anytime soon. You have to earn my trust which isn’t easy to do.


Lol, that’s one way of putting it. I will say this community has connected me with people I wouldve never connected with. Other social media outlets are family only not looking for connections, this community because of a common goal it’s just a natural building block.