Is there a members only section?

True, but it would be nice if the troll could see that they have been “ingored” perhaps its would be an incentive for them to move on or get in step with proper conversation.

My experience with trolls goes back a few decades. They’re typically not interested in self-improvement or joining the conversation. They just want to stir up trouble.


Or maybe a trophy… kinda like facebook friends used to be to kids

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Not seeing anti 2a members within this community. Think about it…firearms owners,join uscca,but dont believe in 2a?
Rather odd.

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You do not need to be a USCCA member to post on this public forum. Also, it is not unusual for infiltrators to join an organization to get intel. It actually is quite common, just like spies and moles for governments.


There are left leaning people who THINK they are 2A supporters, yet, they still vote for those who would take their firearms and ignore the 2A. That is the same as being anti-2A.

Plus, most left leaning people think they are more responsible and deserving than conservatives and think they deserve firearms while depriving others of the same RIGHT.


100%, exactly correct, at least the more deserving part, at least. They always believe they should be “allowed” to keep what they have while denying to or punishing those they believe are not worthy. Evident in many posts even on this site. They want more “gun control” and don’t believe it will ever effect them, or believe it will only minimally be an acceptable nuisance.


Well, the left IS very generous with OTHER people’s stuff.

And lets remember Bloomberg- he and HIS family deserve guards with firearms because they are rich… the rest of us are just slaves on his plantation. Watch the video:


Did not know non members can post within the forums. So I would guess theyre could be people against the 2A within the ranks. Either way,I have personally yet to see it.

In my short time here I’ve seen many who shouldn’t be here. Eventually they get tired and leave or finally get removed, The thread (since removed) Gun Control Good and Bad had a some very nasty folk, they finally got the thread deleted.

There are others that have been around a long time can attest to the reality of people that should not be here.


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But those who shouldn’t be here disappear pretty fast.

We are not secret society so everyone is welcome here. Who stays? I’d quote Mr. Darwin here:
“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one more responsive to change.”


Definitely understand your concern. People with 2A-opposing views have a tendency to be less open to discussion. Also, many of us are concerned that the anti-2a crowd is trying to find ways to shut down all entities that support the second amendment based on every single news story out there.

If they are here with bad intentions, let’s hope we can open and change their minds. But I certainly respect considering need for enforcement.

I believe I am being made out as a sepratist. I am not. Was wondering if there was a members only section. That’s it no more no less. I see that there are new shooters coming in all the time. Most with good intentions. Others come to “stir the pot”. Change is good. New shooters are good. Inexperience is good, gives us a chance to share. (Any one of us that has seen the moment the “I like it” look hits a new shooter, is awesome)

I know this is a public forum, great. Members are ,let’s say a little more, invested as opposed to a drive by troll. Not looking to pick a fight. And I personally do welcome all opinions and contributions to threads. Like stated above maybe change some opinions as well.

After all you don’t walk into church and try to convert people to be what they are not through “harmless” questions disguised as a choir boy. Most see through it but, engage anyhow.

Keep in mind things have changed in a community formerly known.

Not a moderator or leader here. Did sound like a sermon, and I do apologise.


We have been kicking around a member-only section. There are some technical hurdles that are being contemplated at this point.

I appreciate both viewpoints expressed - a member-only area may be more pro-2A and we want to welcome other viewpoints as long as they’re expressed respectfully.

However, a lot of people who some believe are trolls are members with differing viewpoints on 2A.

Whether you’re a USCCA member or not, you are welcome to discuss all things self-defense related as long as you abide by the Community Guidelines.

There are a lot of people commenting in the Community and moderators don’t always see the conversation until it’s devolved. Please do your best to keep the conversation on track and productive - even if it feels like someone else is trolling. Don’t let them get to you. Use the flag so the moderators see it first when we log on and then enjoy a different conversation.

Love the telemarketer idea @SS1 suggested, but instead of those topics, go into detail about how to take apart or clean a firearm or the anatomy of a round, or the history of all of the current gun laws on the books. Don’t let them get you worked up, educate them. If they don’t want to listen, at least everyone here will enjoy the information you share :rofl:


I have mentioned lately that I think the @moderators around here do a great job?


Maybe I miss spoke. Current political climate…we need all the help we can get. Definitely don’t want to discourage anyone from participating on this board. Be aware of the trolls…and they will come. Just think there should be a room/board for paying members.


This. Right above.


The Community is not a “paid” option for USCCA’s Members. So this

would never happen.


has been happening all the time at this Forum. So far we are good. Trolls never stay long enough to make us nervous :slightly_smiling_face: If we become nervous, that means WE have to stand down for a moment :wink:

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