Is that a gun?

My son was at a Walmart on Sunday. He served in the Marine Corps and is now in Northern Ohio taking advantage of the “free” college all the socialists are advocating, although he paid for his with 4 years and a 60% disability at discharge. (Maybe they should sell that we already have a free college by serving.)
While in Walmart, he had to reach to a top shelf and his S&W M&P was uncovered. A woman there, in her 50s, started ranting “how can you bring a gun in here? Why would you do such a thing. Especially after El Paso and Dayton.” He explained that is exactly the reason he does carry, for his protection fro an incident. And he told her that if something happened, I would protect you too.
She was repulsed and said that she was going to report him to Walmart security. He responded that if she did and they asked him to, he would leave and then continued his shopping.

It is unfortunate that he flashed his weapon, but there are times it cannot be helped. But the outrage of this woman blew my mind. She didn’t know he was an expert shooter in the USMC. She doesn’t know that he is rated Distinguished Expert with a handgun by the NRA. She doesn’t know that he has killed before, in the line of duty to protect other Marines and civilians. She doesn’t know.


Sorry that happened to him :unamused: sounds like he did as well as he could have done in the conversation.

People like that are the problem.

From one military family to another, please thank him for us, not just for serving, but for carrying.


All I could do was shake my head. My response would have been much less gracious. I will pass the message. And thank you as well.

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That same woman could potentially be on the news screaming why didn’t someone do something. Since he’s a marine we’ll use a marine quote.