Is Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder a thing?

I used Pink Rhino 10mm training cartridge on ammo just now.

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Thank you. Since my first post on this topic, there have been several changes. For starters, I now have a 9mm to rely on instead of my .22lr that I didn’t feel was adequate. I also purchased a good gun belt and quality holster and have begun carrying everyday. I’ve also been able to put some more time into dry fire and time at the range, along with expanding my knowledge through online training videos, including those from the USCCA. Now I feel more prepared since I have the tools and more training to fall back on.


@Venturous I have a framed sign on the door to my storage room “I CAN SLEEP WHEN THE WIND BLOWS”.
I try to live up to that every day, every trip to the store, every window, door and shingle on the roof.
The more you are prepared the more secure you will feel, and you will be able to sleep when the wind blows. :us: