Is gun control a threat

this article is way beyond my attention span. Have to read it again.
Hard to tell if he’s for or against.


I have found in cases like this, it’s usually against.


I read it all and found several notable quotables inside it. It is worthy of a considered read from start to finish and I found myself wanting to elaborate on certain points but I am sure he had a word limit. Worth the time to read and take notes as he has some fair interesting points that need further research. I’m thinking this one is in the FOR category.



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Let’s see … Hmmmm if Biden says it; what should you expect,?


It is very pro-rights. The writer, though, takes pains to not be partisan, but use logic and facts to prove his point. He concludes with this:

What piece of delusional cognitive dissonance needs to finally fall away? Pro-2A it isn’t a belief that the day after gun control is finally passed, its immediately overnight gestapo. Its knowing that government can neither guarantee your safety, and so they should make no such promise, nor provide a guarantee that the succeeding governing power will not abuse it. Since they can promise neither, it is therefore unreasonable for them to deprive the citizens of the means to respond to unreasonable acts against them.

Dems cannot ‘tackle disinformation’ about gun control head-on because gun control proposals are built on disinformation.

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The answer is yes, it’s a threat.

Biden calls on Senate to pass gun control measures ‘immediately’ after Boulder shooting | Fox News

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You knew that would be the reaction and it’s looking like the shooter was an ISIS sympathizer.
It would not surprise me if terrorists rely on this knee jerk to disarm future victims.