Is America failing?

Actually, I believe that they actually thought that American Citizens would hold dear that same values that they had. They were not wizards with all common sense and intelligence - they were human. They wrote in the constitution that it takes a huge majority to change the document. It was not societies call. It was the elected representatives and the Supreme Court’s call.

Instead, we now have actions committed by executive order which, for some reason, American citizens now believe it is enforceable on all people.

Sadly, for the last 100 years, society has replaced God with government. We are seeing the results of that.

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Stephen22 wrote:“Actually, I believe that they actually thought that American Citizens would hold dear that same values that they had.”

Well that’s not possible, because up to and when the Constitution was ratified, there 6 different political parties with 6 different ideologies and values. The framers and signers were very smart and very wise and DID have a firm grip on common sense ( Ben Franklin actually wrote book called “Common Sense”) and were very astute to history. They knew what they didn’t want and what didn’t work. Whether it took a vast majority or not, the fact that they made it so it could be changed at all was testament to their idea and desire that it be flexible and relevant. BTW, even with two parties , there will always be folks who disagree with any changes, but if the majority wants it, it will be.

Stephen22 wrote: “t was not societies call. It was the elected representatives and the Supreme Court’s call.” Yes, the key word is “ELECTED” , by “We the People”. BTW, if you think that the societies weren’t; directly involved to make the changes to abolish slavery , to change women’s’ suffrage, to end Prohibition, the civil rights movement, to end the Viet Nam war, etc. Those were effected by “We the People” taking to the streets and protesting and redressing the grievances, as spelled out by the Constitution.

Stephen22 wrote: “It takes a huge majority to change the document.” Well, it’s happened 24 times, so it’s not impossible, but when Society feels it’s time for a major change, it becomes a matter of whatever it takes.

So to answer the question, “Is America failing”? IMO, I’d say NO , it’s going on just as it was designed to. What it IS failing to do is to live up to what certain people’s unrealistic Idea of how it should be, so…For instance, some people have an unrealistic idea of what “infringed” means. Not allowing felons and the mentally ill to own guns is NOT preventing law abiding citizens from having guns. Out right banning guns will, so there’s where the line is.

James, you knocked it out of the park. fantastic, clear, concise, to point. call to action folks

I guess that some people actually believe that our government is full of ethical people who are transparent in their actions. Then again, some realize that more legislation is passed in backroom deals and trades. “The people” have not had power in a long time.


I think the average adult knows better. If I go talk to my neighbors, whether Democrat, Republican, or something else, they know politicians can’t be trusted. But when people get wound up about politics, lies and hyperbole become the rule rather than the exception. Unfortunately, those people possessed with politics make the most noise.

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“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”



The question that everyone must answer is:

"What will you do when they come for you"?

Will you throw your hands up and beg for mercy from the government enforcers?

Will you peaceably surrender your firearms if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris demand it?

When the SWAT Team is kicking down your door and killing your dog at 3AM, what will you do?

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Epoch Times is a great source

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The average adult doesn’t speak up.

Exactly. The true believers will go out in the streets to scream and march and look for fights. The average adult is just trying to pay the bills.

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