Is a back up gun legal for civilian?



@Shamrock On your CO trip from AZ. was everything kool passing thru 4 corners in NM? I think it should have been. :face_with_monocle:


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Everything was cool. I was being a little factious. I’ve never had any issues in that spot. It is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. That particular highway is usually patrolled by State Highway Patrol and the limited number of Tribal police usually focus their efforts elsewhere. Not sure if the NM highway patrol ever makes it up there since it is a long ride around through other States just to get to that short stretch of highway that cuts through the edge of NM.

I had just totally forgotten about the little NM stretch when trip planning and remembering as we got close sent a sudden jolt through my brain. It is really crazy how crossing an invisible line can so completely change the laws when it comes to exercising a constitutional right.

There are some minor law changes for drivers when we cross State lines but we don’t have to worry about reading through all the driving related laws of every State we will be driving through in order to avoid potentially becoming a convicted felon.


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