Is .380 enough?

I think 380 is enough. Ammo has changed over the years. Our 380 is not our granddads 380. But then again shot placement really has the terminal effect

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When John Browning designed the caliber in 1898 (forgive me if the date is a couple of years off), he surely didn’t intend it to be a laughing stock round. Browning was very careful about balance of power/weight/recoil and even in our grand-grand-fathers’ time .380 was appropriate.


Hmmm. Only one thought here, better to have the 22 you can fire accurately or the 10 mm you can not. Practice & training mean more than caliber. You can conceal almost any firearm.

My 2 cents. I carry a sig P238 when I am in dress clothes and a .45 the rest of the time. I simply cannot carry my 45 in anyway that I could get to quickly enough and still have it concealed enough.
I have an alien gear front pocket holster for the sig works great.

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Just for laughs. What size tee & 1911? Will a 22 do any damage in a head shot? Heart? Pelvis? Sure size matters, granted, but certainly not the end all answer.

I did not wish to upset or offend you. Perhaps I stated something incorrectly. Do take care…

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I believe someone else posted this before, and it still stuck with me, that accuracy with the caliber of choice is very important.

For me, though I might prefer a larger caliber sometimes, I’ll opt for the caliber I’m more accurate with. For if I miss, then half of my defense is mute. Still trying to find that balance, but this journey has become a hobby interest I respect and use delicate care for.


Saw a small pepper box type firearm by standard mfg i believe. Fires 2 shots at a time . 22lr, 22 mag. &/or something else 25s perhaps…just a curious thing.

Sounds very interesting. Take care

I carry a 4" barrel Commander/Compact 1911 under a t-shirt. The tricks for me: select t-shirt that is not tight around the waist and is not so thin you can see through it. IWB with a forward cant at 4:00. Squat down/take a knee to pick stuff up rather than bending over at the waist.

This works for me but body types differ.

I don’t currently have a 380 but would be confident to carry one.

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100% agree. That’s why I can’t get too emotionally invested in these debates. Carry what you have, it’s a lot better than nothing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to rest until I found that concealable 7.62mm ghost gun with unlimited ammunition and lightsaber bayonet.

Speaking of unlimited ammunition, that USCCA member who quietly carries a 22LR might be quietly laughing at us and she buys her crates of cheap ammo while we scrounge for a few extra rounds to fill our mags. A 22 with ammo has more “stopping power” than an empty .45. :rofl:

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My one .380 is a Sig. I bought it years ago because I test fired one and it fit me. It may not fit everyone. Compared to my wife’s 9mm LCP, I get much less fatigue after a box or two of shooting. But in an emergency, I’d grab any gun lying on the ground. Like you said, the best firearm is the one you have.

9X19 - 9 mm Industry standards are set at 0.355 inch outside diameter at the neck.
.380 should not exceed .373 outside diameter.

9x18 is a worthy subject too. It is a kind of .380.


9x17 is 9x19s kid brother.T self defense ranges they punch the same size hole.
image image


Red Heat

I think it would depend on a couple of things. How the person is dressed. Are they wearing anything that would stop or slow the impact of the bullet. The other if you can place you bullet where you want it then it will work at short ranges. Remember you can kill a person with a 22cal. if you hit them in the right spot. If you cannot place your shot and depend on a lot of shots and maybe one hitting the target then you need a heaver cal. I know it is very difficult to hit a moving target when under a lot of pressure. If any way possible I would carry your 9mm and maybe the 380 as a back up. I carried a 380 off duty depending what I wanted to wear.

At times I carry a 380 as back up. 1911A1 as primary. In summer I wear a loose fitting short sleeve shirt so it doesnt pull in against the primary. Miami style I call it. 380 and 2 spare mags are usually in boot. But I am not one who wears shorts or sandals either. That would present me with additional problems to solve

If it’s all you have and you are forced to deploy it, follow the words of America’s favorite prime-time TV fashion icon, Tim Gunn: “Make it work!” It’s all about the shot placement under extreme pressure.

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I carry a Kimber Ultra + CDP compact 45, IWB appendix under a t-shirt, with no problem.

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