Iraq War Army vet – jailed for murder charge – says he was


This will be a tough case for that soldier. I believe with a good defense attorney he may have a shot at self-defense. But since Baltimore Maryland is a duty to retreat state that could be his downfall.


My guess is the vet is up a creek without a paddle.

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Very unfortunate for the Army Veteran. Just a simple knock on the door to talk reasonably to that individual was a big mistake from the get go. Mom maybe should have considered moving, or have that individual get evicted, but don’t know the policies for residencies in apartment complexes. The unfortunate confrontation, then the unfortunate incident, then LEAVING THE SCENE! His lawyer hopefully can pull thru for this vet, but we’ll have to see how this plays out. Doesn’t look good.


Who was smoking weed? The mother?

A link within @Ouade5’s link offers excerpts from the police reports, more about the incident, and details of S/Sgt Gonzalez’ service record — an article from his initial legal representative.