Iran Acquires 2.5 Million Acres of Venezuela

Those are designed for supersonic missiles. Hypersonic is 5 to10x faster than sound.

" In October, the Financial Times reported about a Chinese test of a hypersonic glide vehicle launched from a rocket in low-Earth orbit that could theoretically be capable of evading US missile defense systems the speed with which the Chinese developed the system surprised US national security officials".

“As China and Russia are developing their own versions of hypersonic missiles, the Pentagon has made developing hypersonic weapons one of its top priorities. A US hypersonic missile test failed last month but the Pentagon insists it remains on track to deliver offensive hypersonic weapons in the early 2020s.”

" Hypersonic missiles travel at five times the speed of sound, can destroy an aircraft carrier even without a warhead, and cannot be tracked

China is way ahead of everyone else in their development, Russia has them in service and the US currently has no way to shoot them down

That’s why Air Force General John E Hyten told the Washington Post in February that hypersonic missiles are “the threat of the future.”