Iowa teen convicted of killing her rapist - really?

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Totally agree with you.


That appears to be the case, based on the articles we’ve read.

I did wonder- and this is pure speculation- if there was some difficulty proving that she was a victim of human trafficking. It’s one thing to claim that in a newspaper article, but it’s another thing entirely to prove that in court, where someone can poke plausible holes in your story. It would only take one or two witnesses to claim she was in a normal relationship with the deceased to make some jurors wonder who was telling the truth.

I am not casting doubt on her story, just wondering if it was a challenge to prove in court.

Just an opinion… happens to be mine too…

our legal and justice system has… yes done it’s best to stop vigilantes…

thing is… in some cases the result is the perp walks away with little or no punishment…

they have created a line so to speak that we are not supposed to cross…

sadly that line has been moving more and more to the left every day dang near…

that needs to stop!!! IMHO that girl lost it over how she was treated… temp insanity plea?

rage at her attacker got to her???

were any of us in her place how would we have acted???

that is a major part of jury nullification doctrine IMHO although it appears no jury was involved…

jury nullification is seldom if ever part of the info juries get… and the way juries are picked now???

SOOOO we need to start being VERY concerned with our DA’s and local judges!!!

and VOTE accordingly… or any of us could face trial and such when all we did was defend…

there are recent incidences of DA’s going after defenders and release repeat offenders


That’s why we need to pay attention to local elections.
They have to start somewhere—elementary school board, town council, board of supervisors, district attorney, county sheriff—before making significant damage in state assembly and senate.


The problem in her case is that “somehow” she was convinced to plead guilty, to a lesser charge. The lesser charge is still homicide. With a plea deal, there is no jury to listen to her side of the story, and weigh in at all. The reasonable man defense goes out the window if you plead guilty.

Once you take a plea of guilt you are f’d. Granted going to trial for the murder charge, probably has a much worse outcome. There is a certain weird leniency in our justice system where gaming the system usually results in the “bad guy” going free. I don’t remember the quote exactly but I believe one of the founding fathers said they would rather see a 100 guilty people go free before an innocent man punished.

Then there’s the civil side after the criminal side, which just seems wrong in some ways. I have not had much of a chance to study it myself to have an educated opinion.


“That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer, is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved.”
Dr. Benjamin Frankly, citing Voltaire

“It is more important that innocence be protected than it is that guilt be punished, for guilt and crimes are so frequent in this world that they cannot all be punished.”
John Adams


The Ben Franklin quote is definitely the one I had heard. Our “justice system” as originally envisioned was much different than what I see now, and I would dare say it needs some serious work to handle society as it stands today.

In addition, every single part of society that would have been used to produce “worthy citizens” has been turned on its head. The family, church, schools, justice system, penal system, work ethic, etc. have all been subverted. We no longer produce, IMO, worthy citizens.