Intruders Attack Hotel Guest

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No point in arguing situational awareness here, because obviously it’s not even considered.

I don’t see this as anything random. This was a set-up by someone that the victim either knew or met prior, and this meet up was established due to the fact that the robber knew which room to go to. I can see something like this occurring with someone attempting extracurricular activities, and/or probably led on or presented themselves as being a person of certain financial or material means or that they were willing to pay for known or unknown services.

It’s a dangerous world and one can never know what people are up to. This was an unfortunate turn of events for the victim, but in this regard, they have (I hope) learned a very expensive lesson for their stupid decision.

Luckily, they are still alive to talk about it. Which they’ll probably try to forget it even happened and will probably try even harder to keep it as quiet as possible.

Stupid is as stupid does. That’s what I get from this video and editorial. I don’t think it was an intrusion; I think it was invited by stupidity, banking on one thing but wound up getting something else. Play stupid games you’ll win stupid prizes.


I’m reading this post being in hotel room hundreds miles away from my home.
I don’t how how somebody can be stupid enough to let stranger get into the hotel room at 5 am… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
If you have 2 people in the room, you have 2 keys. Simple rule - you don’t open hotel room door at 5 am with simple verbal confirmation who is on the other side. :scream:

Some people have no self preserve instinct… :person_facepalming:


Illusive, suspicious, sketchy, covert, nefarious…these words all have verity in this situation. I have other thoughts, but I have to reign in making other assumptions.


Yep, sure looks this way. Once inside the hotel, the criminals could have attacked anyone though (say, intended victim didn’t open the door, why waste an opportunity).
Do not believe hotels are secure.
Do not believe office buildings are secure.


This could have been prevented if the person sitting at the reception desk was more alert. The lobby was quiet at the time so he could have gotten up and taken a look around. He/she may have picked up on something or suspected something. What happened with their situational awareness. The best witness the Detectives probably have or maybe obtain a description from is the person sitting at that reception desk. The perpetrators vehicle has no front plate on it. If this duo has done this before or happen to be career criminals facial recognition technology will come through and they will get caught.


What could they have done? Think about it, when was that last time you went to a hotel or motel where the desk clerk made an inquiry to any person that acted like they belonged there? That would put them in a position as a security guard, which they know they are not. Alert, yes, they should have been, but only for their own safety, which it is apparent they were not. Thankfully, the cameras picked up they did, or it would have been a mystery.

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This also could have been prevented if the person in the room had taken their Hiney home where it should have been.

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