Interview about gun crime interrupted by drive-by-shooting Story by Abe Asher • 9h ago

A brave woman and sad at the same time. :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah, you saw it. The black car.

Drive-by shooting interrupts live TV interview
DailymotionDailymotionDrive-by shooting interrupts live TV interview


Interview about gun crime and gets interrupted by more gun crime. Classic.

This clip also gives us a little insight to what goes through the mind in stressful situations. Listen to the comments from the interviewer. She has the situational awareness to tell the lady being interviewed to get down, makes sure the woman is safe. CUDOs. Done good. but it is the way she says it. “Just stay down and get down” that lets us know she is under a high level of stress, and she repeats the same words a couple times.

The Journalist is most likely a very intelligent individual. She is literate, well read, and probably has a very good memory. Had she said those same words in a non-stressful situation, she would have probably said “Just get down and stay down.”

Her mind knows what to do, but the stress of the situation jumbled the order it came out.

The Journalist in question is most likely a Liberal and wishes all guns were in the hands of the Government, making her on the opposite side of the coin from what I feel. This situation, however, I have to commend her on her actions. She told the woman being interviewed to get down, she kept her eyes on the situation, she checked to make sure everyone was alright after it was over. GREAT JOB!