Interesting high school graduation speech


I respect his right to say it, I just don’t agree with what he said. That wasn’t my experience when I joined. I got far more from the military than they got from me. If I had to do it all over again, I would still join. Maybe a different branch. But I would still join.

The military gave me a chance to escape poverty. My family was well off. But not me. I grew up in foster care and group homes. I had lived on the streets at one point. I was able to leave that life because of the military. So I can see this officers disillusionment with what he perceived, h*ll I can even agree with most of it.

But I don’t blame the military for those problems. I blame the politicians.

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Ever since Vietnam, maybe be, politicians have had too much influence on the military.


I’ll only add one thing here. My dad and uncle, both WWII veterans always warned about what Eisenhower said about the military industrial complex. The possibility some future wars would be fought not for defense but for other more sinister motives. From what I’ve seen the motives are now politically motivated and monetarily motivated. Defense is no longer the defining motivation.


People didn’t pay attention to Ike, and here we are.

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If someone wants to join the military I’ll shake your hand and buy you a beer. But my experience in the military is something that I wouldn’t wish on any patriotic American. There is such a thing as keeping military discipline but using your rank and position against lower ranking personnel….Why I told my son don’t go in the military. I saw it happen too often.