Instructor Training Courses in San Diego, CA

I’m searching for a Training Counselor in San Diego who can provide Instructor level courses.

It seems like we live in a void here as far as Instructor level courses go. The nearest
instructor courses I can find would require overnight hotel stays which adds significantly to the cost.

Are there any Counselors in San Diego??



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Hello and welcome @Tamara22

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Thank you!

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Welcome to the Community @Tamara22. Have you checked the member dashboard? There are numerous Training Counselors in your area.


Welcome to the community @Tamara22

Use the In-Person Training link from the USCCA Training Tab. Then go to “see all instructors”. Then you can filter for what you are looking. If there are no courses reach directly to the counselors. It is possible that weather and time of year (holidays) might be limiting specific training opportunities.,%20California&lat=32.71568&lng=-117.16171&text=counselor