Instructing the CMST course is an eye opener

This past Saturday I instructed the Countering a Mass Shooter Threat to teachers all over the Dallas /Fort Worth area. I was amazed at the responses from them all. Ranging from we are part of the Texas state Guardian Program to we have no plan from active shooters. Has anyone had the same responses? I have tried to go to a couple school districts and pitch the course at the administration level without any luck. Would love to hear from others that have taught the course.


You may have to consider going above the school district admin level to get any traction. Administrators administer - when something new comes up all they see is a hit to their budget. Maybe start by energizing the local PTA and local/state/federal elected officials. I sure there is someone there who would like to be seen as a local hero.


Make it your job nationwide, starting with the “most red” states…saving the blue-est for last.


I hope you are not implying that red people’s childrens lives are more important than blue people’s childrens lives. :roll_eyes:

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I do not think he is implying that at all. I think he is saying red areas are more likely to listen and apply then blue areas. I always hope I get all demographics, from all areas. However, the areas that I know using the Guardian Program are more red then blue. I will keep plugging in all areas and using all the resources possible to change people’s minds. Until then, unfortunately, if schools do not change, they will only change if they are forced too. There are 1029 school districts in Texas, 304 are active participants in the Guardian Program.


Not at all. I think that parents should parent, including understanding that when others have their kids, they entrust the kids safety to those same others. Blue seem to not want protection, so unlock the school and let the bad buggers in. Red people…have fun!



He is acknowledging the reality that people in some states are far more open to the idea of self defense and defense of children than those in other states.

Which is very easy to see in those respective state laws.

Take the path of least resistance when you are trying to get the ball rolling.

It’s no different than Shall Issue really taking off after Florida and the next decade Texas got the ball rolling…it didn’t start out with Illinois and Minnesota (and still hasn’t made it to NY/NJ/CA/HI/MD/etc)


I do think you’re trying to do a good thing, IMHO, you could be wasting valuable time and effort on people who don’t care.

Perhaps if it were framed differently… we don’t want to take away your mass shooters, we just want more common sense mass shooters!

The blue states of this un-unified country banded together to defund law and order. They get EXACTLY what they wished for.

Unfortunately, if there are people/slaves to a blue state, survive, evade, resist and escape, try to move under any and all circumstances! Your vote doesn’t count there anymore.

Illegal and legal immigrants dropped everything to leave socialist/BLUE countries behind for the gold paved streets of the United States, ooopps big mistake.
We are headed in the same direction they left. Socialism only works until the money runs out!

It’s actually quite amazing, they can turn their boys into girls, girls into boys, but you can’t turn them into guardians of their children. Who knew? Teaching teachers how to protect themselves and their children is like asking them to teach math and science. That’s so 70’s and 80’s!

Blue states don’t care, if they did, you wouldn’t have mayors, DA’s, or Governors that are unequivocally pro crime! They defund their city then, with OUR tax dollars, buy their own security. Am I missing something?
Do people really want leaders like Lightfoot, Newsome, Gascon, Harris, or am I missing the point, crime is good?

Could it be that “we” are all wrong? Because we are living in a pro crime era, funded and condoned by leaders of the highest caliber, no pun.
Furthermore, if there really was voter suppression, how did these (_________________) get into office? That’s a question for the ages.

Do you really expect to teach people how to protect themselves when the V.P., among others bails out the very guys your trying to protect them from?
That’s the best joke since, a guy walks into a bar…!

No offense, but, protect yourself, your family and perhaps the person next to you depending on how they voted! The chaos of crime has reached an unmitigated level and summer is coming! If people thought it was bad, wait. Rewatch post apocalyptic movies for the best advice on how to survive!

@Robert1246 unequivocally, yes!
Those blue children will become blue voters. Sorta like a mutating virus! Brandon was right, it’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Does that sound terrible. I’ll be the first to admit, yes! However, pushing people onto railroad tracks, raping them on trains, running them down with cars and stabbing unsuspecting people in the back, knocking the elderly unconscious, we’ll you gotta ask yourself one question, are you feeling lucky, when you go to the theater, the supermarket, dinner out or just out for a lovely stroll with the Mrs., let me guess, you carry a firearm?
Who’s implying what?


I am very impressed with your argument. I would like to get back to it when I have more time.


You do see the point, if blue states weren’t so blue, we wouldn’t be in this predicament or in this much danger.