Inspiration or Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord! So happy to hear good news!!!


Brother @Alexander8
GOD is good all the time and all the time GOD is good.
Keep the faith and it will all disappear.


this to me makes perfect sense and is truth…

God bless you and yours and keep you all well, safe, and protected Amen.


Test for aortic aneurysm was done today. All they would tell me until they write the report and send it to the doctor is it’s not life-threatening and it will be up to my doctor how to proceed. Said if it was bad I wouldn’t be leaving there I’d be going straight to the hospital so not like threatening is a good thing thanks for all the prayers


got a ultra sound on mine just a few days a go…

got the same response about wait on the doctor…

mine is at 4 and they claim it’s not to worry about till it gets to 5 or so…

prayers sent… hope yours is smaller…

this thing killed John Ritter on set IIRC… didn’t know he had it… never got tested…

many of us have this… but few ever get tested for it… not a good thing…


I’ll keep you in my prayers brother. I should be hearing from my VA doctor myself and a day or so so we’ll see but so far they indicated similar to yours mine is not life threatening at the moment. Prayers and best wishes


You are in my prayers. My father-in-law had aortic aneurism discovered in his 20s, he is 76 now. May God grant your heart and blood vessels many years of strength.


Test results were mixed but positive. I want to thank everyone special for their prayers and let all know God is good. The aneurysm is there but it is small and not life threatening so they’re just going to watch it for now.

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