Inheriting a rifle in California

I have a friend in California, who is concerned about the passing of his mother five months ago and he is now in possession of a rifle.
It is a much older .22 rifle. The serial number indicates it was made in the early to mid '80s. From what I’ve been told it has probably never been registered.

Does he simply go to CA DOJ firearms web site. d/l the Report of Operation of Law form, or create a CFARS acct and fill out the form online?
He has a Firearms Safety Cert card from a gun shop from this year.

Put it in your safe and enjoy it at the range now and again. Mom’s old 22 is in good hands. Remember her every time you go shooting!


I think here in California an unregistered rifle is atleast a misdemeanor. I’m not sure if this means “his” other guns are then subject to confiscation.

That’s what the real question is about. :grin: