In time of Conflict

Our Defender

Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath.
Romans 12:19, NIV

Revenge is such an ugly word that perhaps you think you’re removed from it. But even as children, we schemed to “get even” when we thought someone did us wrong. As adults, we often have trouble knowing the difference between being hurt, becoming bitter, and evening the score. It’s human nature to defend our honor and seek vindication when attacked.

Recommended Reading:
Romans 12:14-21

In facing conflict or oppression from the wicked, we must never let our hearts grow hardened. There may be just ways of solving the problem, but in the end it comes back to trusting God to vindicate us. Our Lord Jesus was abused, but He answered His critics, not with ten legions of angels, but with the most shocking event in history—His resurrection.

Pray that when times of conflict come, you will turn to Him and to His Word. Let Him give you wisdom to respond well, and trust Him to be your Maker, Defender, Redeemer, and Friend.


It ain’t Sunday and please don’t try to turn our Firearm community into a religious one.
There are several religious topics in our Firearm community that I don’t comment on.
Could you please do the same. :handshake:


Wise words. I wish the world heeded them.

What he is saying is not religious. My guess is it is the way he knows how to say it. Defending our self is our constitutional right. Defending human life is our God given right no matter how one says it. Don’t be fooled into thinking one is taking revenge when not hardening your heart and saving your own or someone’s life. If he posts it in a religious topic we will miss out on it.




@William_H seems to be very much expressing his view from a religious context. But I think the message is very appropriate for these times regardless of whether or not someone prescribes to this or any other religion.

I am not a very religious person but I always ask for the wisdom to respond to the best of my abilities to the problems I am faced with. And I think we are all facing trying times where focusing on getting past our differences and working together to solve our problems will take us down a much more productive path than seeking revenge for the past wrongs our ancestors or ourselves have all been subjected to.


I agree BRUCE,

I believe we are down here to be the best Husband, Wife, Brother/Sister Friend, Neighbor etc etc.
But when you are wronged, your Community/Family/world is shattered/Threatened
You should bring the WRATH of God down on the PHUCKER’S heads ! Until the THREAT is down and Gone!
Maybe not very eloquent, not very Spiritual but I didn’t come down here to be abused, Tortured and Slaughtered! or let it happen to any INNOCENT ! NO SIR!
I’ve said this often here, I have fought many battles, Killed much human VERMIN. My heart is open and Loving still to this day. Just because you are a Warrior doesn’t mean you become the Animal you destroy.
Some people just NEED Killing.


So thanks to @William_H ,for inspiring it. To @BRUCE26 for challenging it. To Don102 for interpreting it. :clap::clap:
Peace on earth and good will to all men/human/mankind/people.

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I agree in part as a Christian, but injustice needs to be dealt with, if that weren’t so there would be no United States. Moses and God dealt with Egypt, our For Father’s and God dealt with England. We’re not talking revenge, just justice.


Give me the context. Is this immediate or after a period of time? If it is immediate and you attack me, then I WILL do my best to harm you. If you are talking years, i will revisit my anger.

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And liberty, that’s a big one.