In need of some gear recommendations

So I’ve been invited to join up with a group of really cool folks who like to share skills and training. There are a lot of Veterans and folks like us in the group.

I would like to join them, but I’m going to need certain pieces of gear that I just don’t have any knowledge of currently. They have a budget file section, but I absolutely cannot trust certain budget items, so without further drawing this out…

Nylon combat pistol belt
FLC with assault pack and camelback
A quality carbine sling

I’m also rather rotund so i need extra in the belly and waist areas.


Sounds like a good start. I would probably show up with that gear and then pick their brains. They might even let you work with different types of gear. You may end up leaving with some very good ideas as to what you want. Good luck and have fun sir.


NexBelt for the belt. The XL goes to 67 inches. For a sling, check this one
I’m not up on the packs.


You may also want to check out these options:

Plate carriers are a pretty good idea right now.

I have my OANG issued pack, etc., but I did purchase the plate carrier. Very comfortable.

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Ok, so again they’ve only listed budget gear, this is the budget FLC they recommend

Here is the sling

And here is the belt

These are things I’m not entirely up to speed on. There are a few other things too, but these are the ones I’m needing help with. How does this FLC stack up to a plate carrier, or vise versa? I think the idea behind the FLC is to be able to carry everything I need for a 48 hour bugout.

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For a sling, I love this thing, it was inexpensive and holds up well, I got one on my AR10 and plastic to get a couple more asap for my carbine, other AR and shotgun.

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Definite endorsement on the web style of Nexbelt.


Buy the best you can afford now and upgrade as you can, get the large pack and carry the bare minimum for now and leave room for seasonal changes.


Great questions Spence. Let me shed some light on FLC/LBV/Plate Carrier.

FLC has recently replaced the LBV. It’s the same thing. With that said, you are able to place/attach all the gear you need on the B TAC Plate Carrier link I provided. In other words, you don’t have to purchase both FLC and Plate Carrier. I never wore my FLC/LBV in Afghanistan. It was worthless. In addition, you can also attach a chest pistol holster to your Plate Carrier.

I would definitely suggest purchasing the NexBelt. This way you can carry two pistols without being cumbersome.

If you are going to be out more than one day, go with this 3 day pack. Plenty of strap length to fit you comfortably.

Remember: Brass to the grass.


Hope this helps, I like the Blue Alpha Gear Double Belt system, it’s a great system that may work for what you’re intending for.

Ive mentioned these slings before by Vicker’s Slings by Blue Force Gear

As far as FLCs I don’t run those, the system I run is layered, plate carrier first, chest rig over that, then a pack/camelback

Good luck

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Something to consider when using USGI stuff is some of it will only fit USGI magazines.

This part on that kit will only snap shut with USGI magazines

I have that exact vest but in coyote Brown. I’ll post pictures Tuesday when I’m back home. Those vest are very adjustable. And the pouches are very budget friendly.

I believe plate carriers are better however this is a great starting point.


Just going to throw this out there. I love how you all seem to know exactly what type group I’m talking about and nobody bats an eye or calls it out.

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Lol, we all probably run with similar or like minded crowds.

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Understood. Just remember, no matter what “group” (e.g., APIII, 3%’ers, etc.), we belong to, are affiliated with or whatever…when we get down to business…we (all abled bodied persons) are ‘all’ the militia our forefathers spoke about. Group names won’t matter.


Suggested Starter Kit

A good belt like this one.

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt - New and Improved - 14 Ounce 1 1/2 inch Premium Full Grain Leather Belt - Handmade in The USA! Brown Size 44

Good holster

QVO, Huckleberry, LibertyGear

One holster for gun and a double mag holster.

Small med kit, ACT is best.

Ball cap.

Glasses and ear pro.

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