In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

Dear Lord,

Please make Liz Cheney run for President. Please make her choose Rashida Tlaib as her running mate.


But where would they run?
Are you a Republican, Like your Daddy was? – AAaaaa Nope.
Are you a Democrat, like you acted like during the impeachment hearings? – AAaaaNope.
Are you a Socialist – Like you vote when land grabs are being voted on? – AAaaa Nope.

Ok Then WTF are You?!?!


S-h-e is a N-o-b-o-d-y! HAS BEEN! (15) seconds of fame are up!

PERFECT for a run for PRESIDENT/ NWO party!
She can goose step betta than daddy!
If the CONTROLLERs can put a bucket of Puddin’ in the Big Chair
she might just make the short list. NYET! Not really.
Crazy, TDS, A Cheney. Crazy: She’s got zero chance really. Even the Dem’s have better options than her.

I think ‘Mike’ Obama has a better shot! “If I could be like Mike!”


What is she? She’s a whacked out lesbo that hates the USA


No real Republican would vote for her and certainly no conservative, so maybe the not so ultra left libs might just because of her dislike of Trump, so really she might pull a vote or 2 away from Brandon, other than that she is a 0.